Minimal Incision Lifting

Pulling up the tissues deep under the skin to diminish the appearance of wrinkles!

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Minimal Incision Lifting

SMAS, an area of musculature found under the skin that stretches out due to aging, is partially resected and lifted up to remove the wrinkles and make the face appear firmer and rejuvenated. iWELL’s minimal incision lifting procedure doesn’t merely lift the outer layer of the skin, but it is a double lifting procedure that also corrects the sagging muscles. It is a relatively simple procedure that produces definite and permanent results.


Duration of Surgery

1 hour


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 7 days


The submuscular aponeurotic system (SMAS) is arguably the most important layer in the minimal incision lifting procedure. SMAS refers to the fascia surrounding the muscles. It is a very thin layer that is found very close to the skin, and because it is so thin, it easily sags as a result of gravity acting upon it over time. iWELL’s minimal incision lifting procedure involves pulling up the aged SMAS under the skin, which effectively improves the appearance of wrinkles all over the face.

Minimal Incision Lifting Procedure

01 incision is made along the hairline near the temporary region and under the ears.
02 The SMAS tissue is separated and partially resected.
03 The remaining SMAS layer is secured on the temporal fascia in front of the ears to help pull up the skin.

iWELL Minimal Incision Lifting

with Unnoticeable Scarring

No matter how effective the lifting procedure is,

it cannot be called successful if it leaves behind visible scars.

iWELL’s minimal incision lifting procedure involves making an incision in the scalp, along the hairline in front of the ears, around the earlobes and behind the ears. The scar gradually diminishes and is difficult to see after some time.

Comparison with Other Lifting Procedures

Minimal Incision Lifting (MACS) Omega Lifting (Dissolvable Thread) Easy Lifting (Thread with Cogs)
Method 5~6cm incision Non-incisional Non-incisional
Anesthesia Sedation/Local Anesthesia Sedation/Local Anesthesia Sedation
Effect Permanent 1~3 years Semi-permanent
Recommended To For the middle-aged and older All age groups All age groups
Swelling and Bruising Somewhat Minor Minor


Why Choose iWELL’s Minimal Incision Lifting?

Addresses the underlying cause by lifting the SMAS instead of just removing the superficial wrinkles.
A minimal incision is made in front of the ears to prevent visible scarring after surgery.
It is effective against sagging cheeks/jowls and various wrinkles all over the face and neck.
It helps get rid of wrinkles and sagging cheeks without osteotomy and achieve a tight and slender V line.

Minimal Incision Lifting Is Recommended For/To

case 01The middle aged and older people with sagging cheeks and jowls caused by aging

case 02Those for whom other lifting procedures were ineffective

case 03Those with sagging cheeks and marionette lines

case 04Those who are young but have an unsmooth jawline due to sagging cheeks

iWELL’s Minimal Incision Lifting: Before & After Photos

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