Neck Lift

Lifting both the skin and muscle layers!

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Nek Lift

Eliminate neck wrinkles and enhance the jawline!
Aging causes a buildup of fat in the neck, which causes the jawline to become less defined and results in a double chin. Of particular note, wrinkles become deeper due to sagging skin, and in severe cases, the muscles present under the chin become stretched out. If you have severe neck wrinkles and signs of aging below the chin, liposuction will need to be performed below and around the chin. A neck lift addresses the issue of excess fat in the neck and neck wrinkles and helps create a more beautiful jawline.


Duration of Surgery

1 hour


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 7 days

Changes in the Neck Caused by Aging

In the case of people who are past the age of 50, the skin in the neck area and the facial muscles (platysma)
sag and droop down noticeably due to aging, and the neckline becomes less slender,
which makes the face appear angular and wider. In severe cases, a double chin occurs due to sagging muscles.
This change in appearance is induced by sagging fat and muscles below the chin, and wrinkles
also form in the neck area due to aging of the skin and UV radiation.

Neck Lift Procedure

01 A 2~3cm incision is made behind the ears so that the resulting scar becomes impossible to see.
02 The tissues are separated in the center of the neck. Excess fat is removed and the sagging skin is lifted up using a lifting thread or Endotine.
03 The incisions are sutured closed.

* The extent and location of the incision may vary depending on how deep the wrinkles are
and the patient’s skin condition.


Advantages of the Neck Lift Procedure

Minimal Incision
A minimal incision is made behind the ears to minimize visible scarring.
Fast Recovery
It is possible to make a speedy recovery and quickly return to one’s everyday routines.
V Line
It not only removes neck wrinkles but also lifts the skin around the jawline for a smooth V line.
Semi-Permanent Results
It only takes a single procedure to produce semi-permanent results.
Customized Procedure
An individually customized procedure is performed taking into consideration the patient’s skin condition.

Neck Lift Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those who look older due to wrinkles on the neck

case 02Those who have fine lines on the neck

case 03Those who want a V line with improved facial contours

case 04Those who want to improve the appearance of a sagging, wrinkly neck

case 05Those who gained neck wrinkles due to undesirable habits

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