BellaGel Breast Surgery

Natural but volumizing!

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BellaGel Breast Surgery

BellaGel is an implant that has been developed by examining the physical traits unique to Korean and other Asian women and incorporating only the strengths of the conventional round and water drop-shaped implants. It is a microtextured breast implant that looks and feels natural and even moves naturally along with the body movement and posture. It results in a natural-looking silhouette and it feels soft to the touch, as it has exceptional viscoelasticity.


Duration of Surgery

Within 1 hour


General Anesthesia


Unnecessary or 1 day

Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

unnecessary or After 10 days

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It’s My Fit! BellaGel Breast Surgery

BellaGel implant for bouncy breasts and a natural silhouette

Inframammary fold incision for BellaGel implants

Left : 290cc / Right : 290cc


70 AA cup


70 C cup

BellaGel Breast Surgery with Exceptional Results

Natural appearance like that of real breasts

BellaGel Micro with Excellent Biocompatibility

BellaGel is a brand that manufactures artificial breast implants using silicone gel that has been registered with the US FDA. It comes in three different shapes (round, anatomical and conical) and two types of texture (smooth and textured). It has acquired Conformité Européene (CE, European Conformity) marking and been approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety of Korea.

No Concerns of Rupture Thanks to Excellent Elasticity

Biocompatible and Uniformly Microtextured Surface


BellaGel Micro Allowing Ease of Movement

Minimized Risk of Capsular Contracture
The surface of BellaGel Micro is made using an advanced texturing technique in a meticulous and highly precise manner. To ensure excellent biocompatibility, the micro surface has been made to be 40mm, on average, which helps minimize adverse effects.
Fast Recovery
The FDA-approved cohesive gel is soft and displays excellent viscoelasticity. The shell is comprised of five layers, with a barrier-layer inside that helps minimize the chance of gel bleeding. Because it is easy to insert the implant with minimal incision, scarring is also minimized.
Feels Nice to the Touch
The dynamic gel of BellaGel Micro has excellent fluidity, which moves naturally along with the movement of the body. The breasts will look and feel natural, like real breasts, when you are standing or lying down, and this is why many women are satisfied with the results after surgery.
Guaranteed Safety
If the silicone gel ruptures or leaks out as a result of damage to the shell, the implant will be replaced in accordance with Micro Warranty Policy.
Ideal Implant for Asian Women
BellaGel Micro comes in diverse sizes (width, height, etc.) that suit the physical characteristics of Asian women, and it will be possible to find the right one that will help you gain the fullness that is suitable for your body type.

At iWELL, we only use authentic breast implants to ensure patient safety. We provide the authenticity cards to patients after surgery.

BellaGel Breast Surgery Will Make You Special

iWELL’s Breast Surgery System

Safe Breast Surgery

We have an anesthesia and pain management team with an anesthesiologist to ensure the safety of every one of our patients receiving breast surgery. There is a full-time anesthesiologist at the clinic who monitors the patient’s condition in real time to ensure safety.

FDA-Approved Implants

We use only 100% authentic breast implants that have been approved by the US FDA and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (formerly KFDA). As proof, we provide the authenticity card for the implants used in surgery.

Intercostal Nerve Block for Pain Control

Intercostal nerve block is performed to interrupt the flow of pain signals as a way to reduce the degree of pain experienced by the patient. The patient does not feel any pain during surgery and feels significantly less pain even when he/she wakes up after surgery.

One-on-One After Care Team

There is a team specializing after care for breast surgery patients who provide systematic care and management for more satisfying results.

Ensuring a perfect shape, texture and size

iWELL’s Breast Surgery

Here are the selfies taken by those who underwent breast augmentation at iWELL Plastic Surgery

Individually Customized Breast Surgery

to Achieve the Ideal Breast Shape

When it comes to breast surgery, it is of the utmost importance to consider various factors such as shape, texture and incision site, instead of simply enlarging the size of the breasts. At iWELL, we perform an InBody analysis prior to surgery to determine the patient’s physical type and skin type and the size of the thorax among other factors to decide on the best implant type and size for the patient. This helps ensure that the breasts end up looking beautiful and natural-looking in a water drop shape and suit the patient.

Full HD Endoscopy Breast Surgery

Safe and definite Mammoplasty

Full HD endoscopy breast surgery involves the use of a high-resolution endoscope to view the areas inside the body that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Because of it, we can perform more accurate and delicate surgery. This enables accurate tissue separation and minimal bleeding, which in turns substantially prevents the chance of capsular contracture or secondary infections.

A close

Diagnostic ultrasonography of Breast

Before surgery, iWell provides a specialized medical check with ultrasonography on breast and chest for clear surgery and outcomes. Also, post-operative ultrasonography is planned in outpatient clinic regularly

Perfect Management for

Prevent capsular contracture in breast

In order to prevent the formation of capsular contracture, which is rare but serious complication after mammoplasty related to implant surgery in breast, iWell provides perfect solutions include that of capsular contracture preventive special solutions, cocktail antibiotics, anti-adhesion agent

Establishment of Advanced Anesthesia System

for Patients’ Safety

Most important thing is patients’ safety. iWell has a hospital-level monitoring system & anesthesia system, as well as an anesthesiologist, which provides 1:1 personal monitoring from pre-op to post-op recovery. We also have advanced systems such as aseptic operating room, aseptic air-shower, and emergency management systems in case of emergency.

BellaGel Breast Surgery : Before & After Photos

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