Calf Reduction

Calf is composed of various muscles, therefore, so called big muscular calves is easy to be developed. Calf Reduction is a medical procedure which makes uneven calf smooth and slender, and it makes a balanced beauty of legs by applying the most appropriate method of surgical procedure after precisely analyzing the characteristics of calf individually

What is the calf muscle?

Method of calf reduction surgery

01Non-Incision Nerve Blocking method

It is the method to block the gastrocnemius nerves of the calf selectively by using the heat of the high-frequency energy. As the surgical procedure is performed for the desired muscle only, there rarely is damage to surrounding tissues, and pains and edema are less.

02High-frequency Muscle Reduction

It is the method to burn the gastrocnemius directly by using the heat of high-frequency. As it is conducted to the muscle itself, the edema may be severe; however, the partial removal of the muscle in the necessary parts is possible.

Before/after Calf Reduction