Calf Reduction

Smooth, long and beautiful calves for a perfect figure!

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Calf Reduction

The calves are comprised of diverse muscles which can become more prominent and bulge out. The calf reduction procedure is aimed at making the calves appear slimmer and smoother. The most appropriate method is chosen based on an accurate analysis of the individual characteristics calves to create long and beautiful legs.


Duration of Surgery

30 minutes~1 hour


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 7 days

What is the Calf Muscle?

Types of Muscle Prominence

Inner Gastrocnemius

– It is a relatively large muscle that easily becomes prominent
– Wearing high heels causes this area to bulge out

Outer Gastrocnemius

– Relatively small muscle mass
– Becomes prominent due to genetic factors or too much exercise

Soleus Muscle

– The thickest and largest muscle among the calf muscles
– Easily becomes prominent in O-shaped legs

Complex Muscle Development

– The calves appear muscular due to the prominence of all three muscles
– This is commonly seen in athletes

Muscle and Fat Development

– The calves appear thick overall
– The calves look wide with indiscernible contours

Calf Reduction Methods

Non-Incisional Nerve Block

Heat generated by high-frequency energy is applied to the nerves connected to the gastrocnemius muscle in the calves to selectively block them. Because this is a selective procedure, it causes little to no damage to the surrounding tissue and minimizes pain and edema.

High-Frequency Muscle Reduction

Heat from high-frequency energy is used to directly burn the gastrocnemius muscle. The direct heat application may cause severe edema, but it allows selective muscle removal from the desired area.

iWELL’s Calf Plastic Surgery Types

Want a short procedure that produces immediate effects?

Calf Botox

Have excess subcutaneous fat
in the calves?

Calf Liposuction

iWELL’s Calf Reduction: Before & After Photos

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