LAMS (Liposuction Injection)

A non-surgical removal of fat cells!

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#removefatcells to reduce the body size

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

LAMS Procedure

LAMS, which stands for local anesthetic minimally invasive liposuction, is a procedure that removes fat cells through an injection administered after inducing lipolysis with a special lipolysis solution developed based on years of research and clinical experience. It can be performed on the entire body or select areas, and it requires no surgical procedures (e.g. incision or general anesthesia). A fast recovery is possible without the need to wear compression clothing after the procedure.


Duration of Surgery

Within 10 minutes


Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

No Downtime

Suture Removal


LAMS Procedure

01 Inject the lipolysis solution into the subcutaneous adipose tissue
02 The fat layer becomes dissolved
03 Create a tunnel to remove the fat
04 Extract the fact cells using a suction syringe

LAMS Procedure Sites

Abdominal LAMS

Abdominal obesity is caused by buildup of fat tissue in the upper and lower abdomen. Because the fat layer is thick in the abdomen, this procedure is especially effective and results in a high level of satisfaction. Addressing abdominal obesity leads to excellent cosmetic effects and also helps prevent a wide range of adult diseases.

Thigh LAMS

Many Korean women have a thin upper body and thicker lower body. Lipolysis is induced evenly across the inner and outer thighs and the back of the thighs to suction off the dissolved fat to create slimmer and smoother looking thighs.


The arms have relatively thinner skin compared to other parts of the body, and nerves and blood vessels are located close to the skin which makes it necessary to practice extra caution during surgery. Fat is removed evenly from the shoulder area and the inner arms as well as accessory breasts, if any, to create slimmer and smoother looking arms.


Why Choose iWELL’s LAMS Procedure?

The fat is dissolved and extracted during the procedure, and the extracted fat can be checked immediately.
It only requires local anesthesia, instead of sedation which can be of concern to some people.
It does not require any incision, so the patient can return to their everyday routines without needing to take time off to recover.
It helps eliminate fat from the surrounding area for an even better size reduction effect.
The ideal mixing ratio for the injection has been determined based on years of clinical experience, and it is varied depending on the site where it will be administered to guarantee the best possible results.

iWELL’s LAMS Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those who want a more beautiful body shape but are disinclined to undergo liposuction

case 02Those who want to undergo liposuction but are too busy to take time off to recover

case 03Those who are reluctant to undergo sedation

case 04Those who want to slim down only specific areas of the body

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