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A more beautiful figure after breast surgery

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Body Shape Management Program

In some cases, the patient might have gained more beautiful breasts after undergoing plastic surgery for the breasts but did not gain the S line she desired due to excessive fat tissue in other areas of the body or because of the overall body shape. This problem can be mitigated through a special body shape management program offered by iWELL. It helps reshape the back, waist and abdomen where fat tissue can accumulate and even address flabby arms and accessory breasts, which are a common problem. iWELL’s liposuction procedure leads to the creation a beautiful S-shaped figure, after which Saxenda, an injection that promotes fat breakdown, is administered to help patients gain a killer body.

Body Reshaping by Area

Waist / Back / Hip Liposuction

There are women who have gained fuller, more beautiful breasts through surgery and look bigger than they are when wearing certain clothes. This may be due to excess fat around the waist, back and/or hips. Liposuction is performed in such a way that accentuates the beautiful breasts while making the torso appear slimmer. This procedure can help you look and feel good in virtually any outfit by giving you the desirable S line.

Abdominal Liposuction

The abdomen is arguably the area where fat buildup occurs the most. By eliminating the excess fat tissue from the upper and lower part of the abdomen, it can lead to a more beautiful waistline. So how about saying goodbye to the fat in your tummy? Of the S line solutions offered by iWELL, liposuction on the abdomen has been recording an especially high level of satisfaction.

Arm / Accessory Breast Liposuction

By removing the excess fat tissue from the arms and/or accessory breasts, a slimmer-looking torso and more beautiful bustline can be achieved. The arm has relatively thin skin compared to the other areas of the body and the nerves and blood vessels are found close to the skin, so it requires a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon to perform the procedure. At iWELL, a competent plastic surgeon will help you gain slimmer and smoother arms and overall body shape by taking into consideration the natural curves of the arms and the sagging skin on the inner and outer parts of the arms.

Saxenda, Administered Every Day at Home

Saxenda is an injection that works like an appetite suppressant (GLP-1), which is naturally secreted body, and it can be used supplementary to dietary and exercise methods for weight loss. It helps relieve hunger and increase the feeling of satiation. It also works to reduce visceral and subcutaneous fat simultaneously for effective weight loss, and it has been approved by US FDA, attesting to its safety. By self-administering this injection once a day, you can maintain your beautiful S line.

case 01Suppresses appetite by increasing the feeling of satiation

case 02Simultaneous reduction of visceral and subcutaneous fat

case 03No. 1 market share overseas

case 04Weight loss medicine with proven safety

case 05Blood pressure reduction

How to Use Saxenda

Administer the injection into the adipose layer underneath the skin

Administer the injection at the same time every day

Administer the injection once a day irrespective of your mealtimes

How to Use the Saxenda Injection

01 How to Use the Saxenda Injection
02 Insert a new sterile needle
03 Check the flow to see whether it is normal (use only once after opening)
04 Set the dose
05 Administer the injection
06 Remove and dispose of the needle
1 Step 1
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