Tummy Tuck(Abdomen plastic surgery)

When there are excess fat in abdomen and droopy skin, or when the abdomen skin loss of elasticity due to childbirth, Tummy Tuck is recommended to remove the sagged skin. As the abdominal muscle is strengthened through tummy tuck, it can complete the elastic and slim figure. As the various surgical methods are applied to Tummy tuck by the individual characteristics and as there is a case to combine with liposuction, the surgery is performed after fully analyzing the age, skin, fats, and the status of muscles of the patient.

Why, Should it be Tummy Tuck of iWELL?

  • We conduct surgery safely after analyzing the body shape, age, skin, abdominal fascia, etc. of the patient carefully.
  • We remove the excessively accumulated fat with minimal tissue damage
  • As we perform surgery very accurately throughout analysis of patients’ body type, age, skin condition, fat, and muscle.
  • it makes high satisfaction.

Tummy Tuck recommended for

  • If abdominal fats are protruded over trousers or extremely saggy abdomen is observed.
  • If you gain weight faster than others due to lots of fat cells.
  • When the abdominal fats remain in spite of the continuous exercise or diet.
  • Lost skin elasticity due to liposuction

Method of Tummy Tuck

  • Method of removing fat only
  • Method of repairing drooping abdominal muscle
  • Method of combining fat removal + muscle repair
  • Method of combining liposuction + dermolipectomy

Kind of Tummy Tuck

01Whole Tummy Tuck

It is the most common type of tummy tuck. If the skin is sagging severely, we will excise soft tissue from the upper part of the belly button to the lower belly part wholly, and repair it. A belly button is created newly, and the length of scar will be a little bit longer than that of Caesarean Operation.

02Mini Tummy Tuck

When the skin sagging exists only in the lower belly, it is a method to excise the lower part of the belly button and repair it. There is no need to create a belly button, and there remains scar its length will be similar to that of Caesarean Operation.

Before/after Tummy Tuck