Plus Breast Surgery

New concept breast augmentation with implants and fat transfer

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Plus Breast Surgery

iWELL’s plus breast surgery is a procedure developed by combining the advantages of breast augmentation with implants, which makes the breasts appear fuller as a permanent result, and the advantages of breast augmentation with autologous fat transfer, which makes the breasts appear and feel natural. Implants are used to volumize the breasts to a desired size, but at the same time, autologous fat transfer is performed to reinforce the skin and soft tissue so that the breasts feel soft to the touch. This procedure is especially effective for women who do not have much of a cleavage.


Duration of Surgery

2 hours


General Anesthesia


Unnecessary or 1 day

Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

Unnecessary or After 10 days

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Overcoming the shortcomings of conventional breast surgery and resulting in a natural shape and desired size!

Plus Breast Surgery

Breast Augmentation with Implants
Pros • Can achieve a desired size
• Adequately natural shape
Cons • The breasts may look unnatural or the implants may be visible if the adipose tissue is too thin
Breast Augmentation with Autologous Fat Transfer
Pros • If there is a sufficient amount of fat, the size of the breasts can be increased by a cup
Cons • Not applicable if there is an insufficient amount of fat (the patient is too thin)
• Some of the fat transferred will be absorbed by the body

Soft Texture and Natural-Looking Cleavage

Overcomes the shortcomings of implants and autologous fat transfer

Can achieve a desired size even if there is an insufficient amount of fat

Possible to choose an implant in an ideal shape and size based on a body type analysis

Breasts that look natural and feel soft, as though you were born with them

Key Characteristics of Plus Breast Surgery


Advantages of Plus Breast Surgery

Feels Soft to the Touch
Because the fat collected from the patient’s body is transferred into the upper part of the breasts, they will end up feel more natural and softer.
Natural Movement
The breasts will move in a natural way and appear firm and perky when the patient is running, lying down, etc. It looks much more natural than it otherwise would if only implants were used in the augmentation procedure.
Natural-Looking Cleavage
When breasts tend to be apart, it can be obvious that the person has had surgery. When it comes to plus breast surgery, fat is transferred to reinforce the cleavage area, so that a natural cleavage can form even in the nude.
Balanced and Ideal Body Line
The implants are ideally positioned considering the patient’s thorax and body type and then fat is injected in a meticulous way to create an ideal and balanced body line.
Breast Symmetry
Because the amount of fat injected into each breast can be varied, it is possible to ensure symmetry between the two breasts, unlike the augmentation procedure that solely involves using implants.

Plus Breast Surgery Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those who are too thin and lack breast tissue

case 02Those who want to correct breast asymmetry

case 03Those whose cleavage looks unnatural because the breasts are too far apart after breast augmentation

case 04Those who want their breasts to feel and look natural

case 05Those who have been unhappy with their flat chest

case 06Those who want a natural-looking cleavage

case 07Those who can feel their implants after breast augmentation

case 08Those who can feel their implants after breast augmentation

Why Choose iWELL for Breast Surgery?

Natural and Beautiful Breasts

When it comes to breast surgery, it is crucial that a customized surgical method, design, etc. are planned taking into consideration the individual characteristics such as physique, body type, chest circumference, skin thickness as well as the width, size, height and incline of the breasts, instead of simply aiming to enlarge the breasts. At iWELL, we help create natural and beautiful breasts with abundant experience and a keen eye for beauty.

Safe and Accurate Procedure

A highly skilled plastic surgeon with years of experience and know-how will perform the surgery using an HD high-resolution endoscope. Because the tissue is separated after securing an adequate space for the implant, the accuracy and precision of the procedure is greatly enhanced, and this leads to minimal pain and fast recovery. Also, precise separation and reduced bleeding can help prevent secondary infections and capsular contracture among other side effects.

iWELL’s Breast Surgery System

Safe Breast Surgery

We have an anesthesia and pain management team with an anesthesiologist to ensure the safety of every one of our patients receiving breast surgery. There is a full-time anesthesiologist at the clinic who monitors the patient’s condition in real time to ensure safety.

FDA-Approved Implants

We use only 100% authentic breast implants that have been approved by the US FDA and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (formerly KFDA). As proof, we provide the authenticity card for the implants used in surgery.

Intercostal Nerve Block for Pain Control

Intercostal nerve block is performed to interrupt the flow of pain signals as a way to reduce the degree of pain experienced by the patient. The patient does not feel any pain during surgery and feels significantly less pain even when he/she wakes up after surgery.

One-on-One After Care Team

There is a team specializing after care for breast surgery patients who provide systematic care and management for more satisfying results.

Ensuring a perfect shape, texture and size

iWELL’s Breast Surgery

Here are the selfies taken by those who underwent breast augmentation at iWELL Plastic Surgery

Individually Customized Breast Surgery

to Achieve the Ideal Breast Shape

When it comes to breast surgery, it is of the utmost importance to consider various factors such as shape, texture and incision site, instead of simply enlarging the size of the breasts. At iWELL, we perform an InBody analysis prior to surgery to determine the patient’s physical type and skin type and the size of the thorax among other factors to decide on the best implant type and size for the patient. This helps ensure that the breasts end up looking beautiful and natural-looking in a water drop shape and suit the patient.

Full HD Endoscopy Breast Surgery

Safe and definite Mammoplasty

Full HD endoscopy breast surgery involves the use of a high-resolution endoscope to view the areas inside the body that are difficult to see with the naked eye. Because of it, we can perform more accurate and delicate surgery. This enables accurate tissue separation and minimal bleeding, which in turns substantially prevents the chance of capsular contracture or secondary infections.

A close

Diagnostic ultrasonography of Breast

Before surgery, iWell provides a specialized medical check with ultrasonography on breast and chest for clear surgery and outcomes. Also, post-operative ultrasonography is planned in outpatient clinic regularly

Perfect Management for

Prevent capsular contracture in breast

In order to prevent the formation of capsular contracture, which is rare but serious complication after mammoplasty related to implant surgery in breast, iWell provides perfect solutions include that of capsular contracture preventive special solutions, cocktail antibiotics, anti-adhesion agent

Establishment of Advanced Anesthesia System

for Patients’ Safety

Most important thing is patients’ safety. iWell has a hospital-level monitoring system & anesthesia system, as well as an anesthesiologist, which provides 1:1 personal monitoring from pre-op to post-op recovery. We also have advanced systems such as aseptic operating room, aseptic air-shower, and emergency management systems in case of emergency.

Plus Breast Surgery : Before & After Photos

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