Breast Reduction Surgery

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Breast Reduction Surgery

There are actually many women who are distressed due to excessively large breasts. This condition, medically known as mammary hypertrophy, can cause neck, shoulder and back strain due to the weight of the breasts, and it can even be difficult to find clothes that fit properly. Breast reduction surgery is performed in such cases to remove some of the breast tissue to reduce the size of the breasts to be more fitting for the woman’s body shape.


Duration of Surgery

3~4 hours




1 day

Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 10 days

Correction for Sagging Breasts Is Recommended For/To

case 01Severely sagging and droopy breasts

case 02Extreme stress from unwanted attention paid to the large bust

case 03Neck, shoulder and back strain caused by excessively large breasts

case 04Skin condition such as eczema caused by severely saggy breasts

Method of Surgery for Breast Reduction

Incision Around the Areola
This method is suitable or breasts that are not excessively large and saggy. An incision is made around the areola to remove some of the breast tissue, and excess skin is resected to make the volume of the breasts more appropriate.
• The scar is not very visible
• It is a short procedure that leads to fast recovery
• The breastfeeding function is maintained, so it is recommended to women who have yet to marry and have children.
• There is a low risk of infection, hematoma and other adverse effects
Vertical Incision
This method is possible, irrespective of the breast size. A long vertical incision is made around the areola and down below to reduce the breast size.
• This is effective even for large breasts.
• The sensation around the areola and the breastfeeding function are preserved.
• It causes less scarring than the “오” shaped incision.
• This is a method that combines the strengths of the areola incision and the “오” shaped incision.
“오” shaped Incision
This is suitable for excessively large and saggy breasts, as it can be applied to remove the largest amount of breast tissue. An incision is made around the areola, straight down below, and along the inframammary fold.
• This enhances the skin elasticity of sagging breasts.
• This is effective for excessively large and saggy breasts.

Accessory Breast (Polymastia)

An accessory breast, also known as polymastia, is a congenital abnormality where mammary glands have developed outside the normal chest area. It generally occurs in the armpit area, but it can sometimes be seen under the breast or on the side of the body. Since breast tissues exist in an accessory breast, there may be a change in size, just like an actual breast, according to the menstruation cycle, and there may even be milk secretion during pregnancy. Breast cancer may occur in an accessory breast, albeit rarely, so if you have an accessory breast, it is advisable to seek treatment.

iWELL’s Accessory Breast Removal Surgery

Accessory breast removal is one of the simplest breast surgery procedures that leads to a relatively quick recovery.
The scope of surgery depends on the size and tissue composition of the accessory breast.

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