Post-delivery Mammoplasty

It is easy to understand the reason for sagging breast due to pregnancy and childbirth if you think that the reason for a balloon blown at its maximum to become wrinkled when the balloon is deflated is similar. Due to pregnancy and childbirth, there is a rapid change in size over a short period of time, which causes not only the breasts to droop and sag but also the overall elasticity to fall. In iWell, we will make you a more beautiful breast line than the original one by creating a volume on the smaller breast along with the recovery of the sagging skin and stigma.

Post-delivery Mammoplasty Method

Post-delivery Mammoplasty in iWell will make you a firm and voluminous breast by improving the fat tissue and the drooping skin through bottom line incision and dual plane insertion method.

  • The upper part of the implant is under the breast muscles!
    The breast tissue cling to the muscles of the breast, climbing along with the muscles, lifting up both breast tissue and breast fat
  • The lower part of the implant is under the mammary tissue!
    There is no muscle pulling downward, and it keeps elasticity without sagging

Post-delivery Mammoplasty points

  • Attractive breasts should be beautiful even to the nipple
    After pregnancy and childbirth, the mammary gland develops and the nipple grows with the breast. Since then, the nipples often sag as they feed. Post-delivery Mammoplasty in iWell improves even the shape of the nipple, and the beautiful breast is completed with one surgery.
  • Completion of beautiful body by removing accessory breasts
    As the breast grows with pregnancy and childbirth, the accessory breast is formed and then the flesh is drooped, in this case, when Mammoplasty is performed, the beautiful and ideal breast line is completed by making the border line of breast natural through removing accessory breasts together.

Before and After of Post-delivery Mammoplasty