No Drain, No admission, No massage

The breast is one of the body parts that symbolize the woman, and the small breast is a cause of low self-esteem. In this case, it can be improved by natural breast augmentation surgery with anatomical shape breasts. iWell mammoplasty is performed within a short operation time of less than one hour, so it can be recovered quickly, since It is inserted in a narrow space y the no-touch technique, there is little damage to surrounding tissues, blood vessels and nerve tissue.

  • Natural shape
    Natural feel like a young breast and shape
  • Fast recovery
    Fast recovery through pain management before and after surgery and post-operative care system
  • NO Capsular contracture
    Prevention of implant damage and capsular contracture through continuous management after surgery
  • perfect pain control
    Almost no pain with intercostal nerve block and self pain control device
  • Discharge on the same day
    Can be discharged on the day without hospitalization after surgery

Don't worry about scar, augmentation mammoplasty of iWell Plastic Surgery Clinic

iWell mammoplasty makes a more natural breast using implants most appropriate to the body type by closely identifying the physical characteristics of individual through exact examination such as height, weight, rib cage shape, asymmetry, amount of breast tissue, and skin elasticity before operation.

Natural iWell mastoplasty

  • Inserting implants using Keller Funnel device
    When Keller Funnel (sterile disposable funnel) is used, an incision is made shorter than the conventional incision, so there is almost no scar after surgery. Gentle insertion of the implant to minimize tissue and nerve damage.
  • Minimize scars using Dermabond
    The use of Dermabond for skin sealant at the incision site minimizes scarring and prevents bacterial infection through the incision site and eliminates thread removal.
  • Provide scar management
    Reduce the burden of scars by providing post-operative scar
  • Smartux laser care
    US FDA-approved SmartLux laser caret helps incision site wound recover fast.

Painless iWell Mammoplasty

  • Intercostal anesthesia
    The preoperative nerves blocks through the intercostal anesthesia for minimizing pain during surgery and recovery after surgery. post-operate
  • Self pain regulating device
    After the operation, certain analgesic agents appropriate to each individual is automatically injected through the PCA to minimize postoperative pain.

Excellence points of iWell Breast surgery

01Well-though-out check of body size, shape and type.

Ultrasonography is performed by a breast plastic as well as pre-operative in-body body type examination, and an optimized surgical plan is established by carefully examining the distribution of the breast tissue of the breast, fat tissue and the thickness of muscle.

02Fast operation time

Duration of operation in less than an hour is less likely to cause inflammation and capsular contracture due to less exposure to air.

03Precise surgery through HD High-Resolution Endoscopic device

Since the operation is performed using HD high-resolution endoscope, the minimal tissue is exposed without unnecessary dissected, so there is less bleeding and the incision site is small for reducing pain and recovery time.

04No-touch mammaplasty

With a state-of-the-art endoscope, the Keller Funnel can be inserted precisely without any constraints on the incisions such as inframammary line and axillary line without touching the implants with a wide and precise field of view.

05Painless mammaplasty

During the Mammoplasty, the patient is managed with intercostal anesthesia to block the nerves that the sensation of the breast, thereby reducing the pain after surgery using PCA

06mammaplasty to preview result

Before the insertion of the implant during surgery, the size of the most suitable implant is finally checked using a sizer bag to obtain a satisfactory surgical result

iWell esthetic breast surgery system

  • Pre-operative management
    For safe and customized breast surgery, preoperative examination (blood test, electrocardiogram, chest X-ray, breast ultrasound) is performed to thoroughly analyze the patient's health condition
  • Private and Professional counseling with breast esthetic surgery specialist
    Through pre-operative in-body analysis, (measurement of body type and the size of rib cage), and ultrasonography, (analyzing the distribution of the mammary tissue of the breast, the amount of fat and the thickness of the muscle), the type and size of the optimized implant were determined
  • Use of specialized medical devices for mammaplasty
    When Keller Funnel (sterile disposable funnel) and HD high-resolution endoscope are used, incision is made shorter than the conventional incision, so there is almost no scar after surgery. Gentle insertion of the implant to minimizes tissue and nerve damage.
  • Management for Prevent capsular contracture in breast
    In order to prevent the formation of capsular contracture, which is rare but serious complication after mammaplasty related to implant surgery in breast, iWell provides perfect solutions include that of capsular contracture preventive special solutions, cocktail antibiotics, anti-adhesion agent
  • Diagnostic ultrasonography of Breast without radiation exposure
    Before surgery, iWell provides a specialized medical check with ultrasonography on breast and chest for clear surgery and outcomes.
    Also, post-operative ultrasonography is planned in outpatient clinic regularly
  • Private 1:1 care with Breast esthetic surgery team in Post-operation
    iWell Provides specialized managements in post-operation period with breast surgical team for safe recovery and satisfactory surgical results.