Microtexture Mammoplasty

If you touch it, it is different!

Microtexture Mammoplasty is a breast surgery using a 'microtextured implant' which combines the advantages of texture type implants and those of smooth type implants. The micro-textured implant is a texture type, but its material is made more finely and precisely than the existing textures, further lowering the probability of capsular contracture, it spreads naturally when laying, it becomes anatomical shape when standing, adding natural appearance

What is microtexture implant?

Micro-texture implant collecting advantages of smooth type and texture type

  • The movement of the implant is natural, so it feels like a real breast after surgery
  • It is effective to make the shape of the breast elastic and ideal line through adhesion of the breast tissue and micro-textured implant.
  • Minimize the probability of capsular contracture with more detailed and precise material than existing texture type implants.

Mammoplasty for Asians

Are you troubled with small breast? You can solve it with microtexture Mammoplasty

The size and shape of the implant should be changed according to the size of the breast, the thickness of the skin, the shape of the breast, etc when you get Mammoplasty, in the case of Asians with narrow ribs, the size of the implant may be chosen smaller than the desired volume of the breast, or the Mammoplasty may be abandoned. However, micro-textured implants are an optimal implant for Asians, and many people like it because they have the advantage of creating natural volume and lines even when the skin is thin and the breast tissue is insufficient.

Microtexture implant type

  • Soft touch
    Softer than smooth type Implant, fell like real breasts when touched them
  • Naturalness like real
    Busty breast line and naturalness of the breast boundary line when lying down
  • Rippling phenomenon NO!
    No rippling phenomenon due to the decrease of the contents using US FDA approved silicone gel.
  • Minimize capsular contracture
    It is more precise and more accurate than existing textures, making it easier to adhere to the breast tissues to minimize the formation of capsular contracture

Before and After of Microtexture Mammoplasty