Mentor Xtra Breast Surgery

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Mentor Xtra Breast Surgery

Mentor MemoryGel Xtra has been designed to reduce the dimple effect, which refers to the depression in the upper part of the breasts, and it is Mentor’s latest breast implant that has smooth sides to make it feel natural while producing an excellent volumizing effect. Because it adds more volume than other implants for the same chest width, it can help create fuller breasts that look natural for Korean women who tend to have a smaller chest circumference, on average.


Duration of Surgery

1 hours


General Anesthesia


Unnecessary or 1 day

Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

Unnecessary or After 10 days

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Mentor Xtra Breast Surgery for Fuller, Natural-Looking Breasts

Ideal Shape and Size for Korean Women

Inframammary Fold Incision for Mentor Xtra

Left: 295cc / Right: 295cc


75 AA cup


75 C cup

Mentor MemoryGel Xtra is an implant that is safe and feels natural to the touch.


Mentor Xtra for Fuller Breasts That Feel Natural

Soft and Smooth
The smooth type contains cohesive gel that moves in a natural fashion and feels sot to the touch, while the microtextured type has a uniform texture and maintains its softness even after surgery.
Implant for Every Body Type
The implants come in the following sizes: Moderate Plus Profile, which results in natural-looking breasts, and High Profile, which helps create much fuller breasts. The amount of silicone gel filled into the implants can be varied to make sure that they are suitable for the patient’s chest circumference and size.
Safe Implants
When it comes to breast implants, both the silicone gel as well as the shell, which comes into direct contact with the body, must be safe. MemoryGel Xtra has been approved by the FDA in relation to the safety of both the silicone gel and the shell.

At iWELL, we only use authentic breast implants to ensure patient safety. We provide the authenticity cards to patients after surgery.

Mentor Xtra Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those with concerns about undergoing breast surgery because they have a small thorax

The implants come in various sizes, which means there will be one that’s right for your body shape.

case 02Those who want small implants with low chance of adverse effects

The silicone and shell of the implants have been approved by the US FDA for safety.

case 03Those who want implants that look natural and feel soft

The amount of silicone gel filled into the shell can be varied using a high-precision filling technique to create fuller, natural-looking breasts.

case 04Those who want corrective breast surgery due to dissatisfaction or adverse effects

We analyze the cause behind the problems with the previous procedure in order to prevent recurrence, while creating beautiful breasts in the safest way possible.

iWELL’s Breast Surgery System

Safe Breast Surgery

We have an anesthesia and pain management team with an anesthesiologist to ensure the safety of every one of our patients receiving breast surgery. There is a full-time anesthesiologist at the clinic who monitors the patient’s condition in real time to ensure safety.

FDA-Approved Implants

We use only 100% authentic breast implants that have been approved by the US FDA and the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (formerly KFDA). As proof, we provide the authenticity card for the implants used in surgery.

Intercostal Nerve Block for Pain Control

Intercostal nerve block is performed to interrupt the flow of pain signals as a way to reduce the degree of pain experienced by the patient. The patient does not feel any pain during surgery and feels significantly less pain even when he/she wakes up after surgery.

One-on-One After Care Team

There is a team specializing after care for breast surgery patients who provide systematic care and management for more satisfying results.

Ensuring a perfect shape, texture and size

iWELL’s Breast Surgery

Here are the selfies taken by those who underwent breast augmentation at iWELL Plastic Surgery

Individually Customized Breast Surgery

to Achieve the Ideal Breast Shape

When it comes to breast surgery, it is of the utmost importance to consider various factors such as shape, texture and incision site, instead of simply enlarging the size of the breasts. At iWELL, we perform an InBody analysis prior to surgery to determine the patient’s physical type and skin type and the size of the thorax among other factors to decide on the best implant type and size for the patient. This helps ensure that the breasts end up looking beautiful and natural-looking in a water drop shape and suit the patient.

HD고화질 내시경을 통한

안전하고 정확한 가슴성형

최소 절개로 내시경을 통해 눈으로 직접 보면서 보형물이 들어갈 위치를 정확하게 확인하여 박리를 진행하기 때문에 보다 더 정확하고 섬세한 수술이 가능합니다. 또한 정교한 박리와 적은 출혈로 2차 감염이나 구형구축 등의 발생을 예방할 수 있습니다.


유방 초음파 진단

가슴성형 전담 성형외과 전문의가 수술 전 정밀 초음파 검사를 통해 가슴 구조와 흉곽 조직을 정확히 분석하여 수술을 진행하므로 부작용을 예방하고 이상적인 가슴 모양을 완성합니다. 또한 수술 후 정기적인 초음파 검진을 통해 보형물의 상태, 위치 등을 체계적으로 관리합니다.


구형구축 방지 솔루션

아이웰에서는 가슴성형 후 발생하는 대표적인 부작용인 구형구축을 예방하기 위해 구형구축 방지 솔루션을 갖추고 있습니다. 수술 시 구형구축 예방용 특수 용액으로 보형물이 들어갈 공간을 세척하고 칵테일항생제, 유착방지제 등을 사용하여 피막 형성을 억제시켜 구형구축을 확실하게 예방하고 있습니다.

안전을 고려한

첨단 마취 시스템 구축

무엇보다 중요한 것은 환자의 안전입니다. 아이웰성형외과는 대학병원 수준의 모니터링 시스템 & 마취 시스템 보유는 물론 마취통증의학과 전문의가 365일 상주하고 있어 수술 전부터 수술 후 회복까지 1:1 개인별 모니터링을 실시합니다. 또한 감염 예방을 위한 무균 수술실, 무균에어샤워 등 첨단 시스템과 만약의 응급 상황에 대비한 응급 관리시스템을 갖추고 있습니다.

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