Breast reduction

If you have too large breast, there are many people who complain of mental stress. Large breasts may cause difficulty fitting into clothes, and the weight of the breasts can also cause shoulder and back pain. Breast augmentation is a surgery that removes some of the breast tissue in this case and makes it into an appropriate volume chest for your body type. In this case, breast reduction surgery is a procedure that removes some of the breast tissue to make breasts that is balanced to your body frame.

Who needs breast reduction?

  • When breasts are excessively large and sagging
  • When large breasts draw attention and cause stress
  • When large breasts cause shoulder, neck, and back pain
  • When sagging breasts cause skin problems such as eczema

How is breast reduction done?

01Incision around areola

This method is suitable for breasts that are not very large and sagging. An incision is made around the areola to remove some mammary gland tissue and excess skin is removed to make the volume of the breasts appropriate.

  • Scarring is not visible.
  • Short operation time and recovery time.
  • breast feeding is possible after the surgery, it is effective
    for unmarried women.
  • Less side effect such as infections, hematoma after the surgery.

02Vertical incision

This method is suitable for all breasts regardless of size. Make a vertical incision from areola to the bottom of the breast to reduce the breast.

  • Effective for big breasts.
  • Preserve the sense of nipple, and breast feeding is possible
    after the surgery.
  • Less scarring than ‘O’ shape incision.
  • It is a surgery that combines the pros of incision around areola
    and ‘O’ shape incision

03‘O’ shape incision

It is most suitable for breasts that the amount of tissue that can be reduced is the largest, and are severely large and sagging. It is a method to make an ‘O’ shape incision around areola and incise the breast vertically from the nipple.

  • Increase the elasticity of the sagging breasts.
  • Effective for very large and sagging breasts.

What is accessory breast (polymastia)?

It is a relatively common congenital condition where mammary glands are developed other than normal breast tissue. Generally, it occurs especially in the axillary area, and it may occur under the breast or in the side of the body. Since breast tissues exist in accessory breast, there may be a change in size like a breast according to menstruation cycle and secretion of milk when pregnant. Rarely, breast cancer may occur in accessory breast tissues, so if you have an accessory breast, it is advisable to get treatment.

Removal of accessory breast

Accessory breast removal procedure is one of the simple breast procedures and the recovery is fast. The range of surgery depends on the size and tissue structure of the accessory breast.


When there are not much duct tissues and the sagging of the accessory breast is not severe, the inside of the axillary is minutely cut and the duct tissue is suctioned and removed.

02Lobule-Alveolar-System removal

This is performed when there is a large amount of duct tissue and the size of the accessory breast is large and there is sagging. The inside of the axillary is cut about 1cm to remove the duct tissue.