Waterdrop shaped Mammoplasty

The heart of Mammoplasty is to create a proper volume and natural breast shape that are harmonized with your physical condition. anatomical type breast implants, which are attracting much attention from all over the world, have a shape of a breast which is shaped like a woman's breast, so that a natural breast shape can be produced, which is the advantage of it. iWell Waterdrop shaped Mammoplasty is performed using only the implants of Allergan, Mento and Sebbin approved by the FDA and KFDA.

What is waterdrop implant?

Waterdrop shaped implants are the most similar to the original breast of a woman, and there is little space for the implants to float in the breast after surgery, so there is less risk of side effects such as capsular contracture, position dislocation. Breast implants made from ergonomic design allow for natural and beautiful breast shape.

  • The most consistent with natural breast shape –waterdrop shape
  • Looks natural since there is a little space between implant and the breast
  • Voluminous lower breast
  • Ideal breast line with tip of nipple pointing up a little
  • Suitable for flat breast and sagging breast

How is Waterdrop Mammoplasty done?

  • Incision area

The method of incision in Mammoplasty is divided into the incision under the axillary line, the incision around areola and the incision at the bottom line of the breast. If the wrong choice of incision is made, the space in which the implant is inserted may be distorted and the shape of the breast may be deformed. Therefore it is important to consider the incision method that is suitable for you considering the length of the under-breast, the degree of sagging, the shape of the rib cage, the size and volume of the mammary tissue, the size of the desired breast volume, and the type of implant.

Incision under the axillary line

Make a 3cm incision on the inner folds of the axillary line Since the surgery is done without touching the mammary gland tissue, it is possible to breastfeed after surgery and there is no scar on the breast.

Incision around areola

Make a 1.5 cm incision along the bottom line of the areola. It is easy to ensure the visibility of the space in which the implant is placed, so that it is possible to perform the accurate procedure. There is almost no scarring, so it is a surgery that many models or entertainers who have a lot of side exposure prefer. However, rarely, there may be a decrease in nipple sensation.

Incision at breast:
infra-mammary line

By inserting the implant by incision of 2 ~ 4cm in the wrinkle at the border between the breast and the upper abdomen, since there is no dangerous tissue around compared to other incision lines, the operation can proceed without damaging the mammary gland and tissue. It also has a recent preference because it can create a natural shape of the breast after surgery.

  • Implant Insertion Location

In iWell, the patient's breast structure is precisely checked and the operation is performed by selecting the insertion position optimized for the patient's breast structure. Therefore, there is no need to worry about reoperation because it reduces the possibility of capular contracture and rippling

Dual plain insertion
(double plane insertion)

It is a surgery that the upper side of the implant is inserted under the pectoralis muscle, and the lower side of the implant is inserted under the mammary tissue, and collects the advantages of the under pectoral muscle insertion and the under the mammary gland insertion. You can get the most natural looking by delicately expressing the bottom line of the breast.

Under the Pectoral Muscle Insertion

It is a method of inserting the implant under the pectoral muscles. The muscle of many tissues surrounds the implant, the implant is deeply positioned and stable, and the probability of capsular contracture is very low. In particular, mammary glands and implants are separated by muscles, so it has the advantage that implants are not affected at all during breastfeeding and breast examination

Under the Mammary Gland Insertion

It is a method that implants are inserted under the breast tissue. It is suitable for abundant sagging breast or breast tissues, and there is no difficulty in breast-feeding and breast cancer examination. However, if the breast tissue is in the form of a small dense breast, there is a high probability of capsular contractures

Points of waterdrop Mammoplasty

01Selection of implant and surgical method considering individual's physical characteristics (length of bottom line of breat, degree of skin sagging, difference of thoracic shape, etc.)

02Dermabond, which does not require post-operative removal of the threads, is used to stitch the incision site, so that you can prevent bacterial infection through the incision site minimizes scarring.

03Can make a voluminous breast by inserting the implant in a narrow space with the no-touch method using Keller Funnel.

04Satisfied breasts that have natural breast shape like born breasts, comfortable movement, soft touch and volume, are completed.

Keller Funnel?

It is a medical disposable funnel that has been approved by the FDA for use in inserting a breast implant in an empty space of the breast. Since the existing breast implant was made by pushing a large implant through the incision window using a hand, there is a high possibility of tissue damage, nerve damage, and rotation of the implant. However, sterilized treated disposable Kellar funnels are used for safer and gentler insertion of implants, resulting in less pain and faster recovery.

Before and After of Waterdrop Mammoplasty