Incisional Eye Shape Revision

Transform sleepy eyes into well-defined eyes!

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Incisional Eye Shape Revision

Incisional eye shape revision surgery involves revising the eye shape by making an incision along the upper eyelid. This procedure Is Recommended For/To those who have thick skin or excess fat in the upper eyelid or have severely droopy eyelids, as the non-incisional method may not be sufficient for them. Also, even in severe cases of ptosis, the incisional method must be applied in order to gain satisfying results.


Duration of Surgery

1 hour


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

5 days

Suture Removal

After 5 ~ 7 days

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Are “Beautiful Eyes” Simply Large Eyes?

It is generally believed that the most beautiful eyes are the ones that have 80% of the irises showing.
The degree to which the irises are exposed should be adjusted carefully to enlarge the eyes to a size that is in harmony with the rest of the face.

An eye requiring eye shape revision
Only the area within a 2mm radius from the center of pupil is exposed

Normal eye
The area within a 5mm radius from the center of pupil is exposed

Types of Eye Shape Revision

At iWELL, the most suitable method of surgery is decided after a thorough
analysis of the individual characteristics in relation to the eye structure and condition.
Natural adhesion eye shape revision or incisional eye shape revision is performed according to the
person’s individual characteristics to help create the most beautiful and ideal eye shape.

Natural Adhesion Eye Shape Revision

Revision is preformed using tiny holes instead of an incision
Usually impossible to remove excess fat
Cannot address severe conditions
Recommended for slightly droopy eyes
Results in relatively inconspicuous scarring
Results in relatively less swelling

Incisional Eye Shape Revision

Revision is made through a small incision
Possible to remove excess fat
Can address severe conditions
Recommended for severely droopy eyes
May result in slightly visible scarring
Results in swelling

Incisional Eye Shape Revision Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those who have not seen any significant changes in their appearance even after double eyelid surgery

case 02Those who have asymmetrical eyes that vastly differ in size

case 03Those who raise their eyebrows to open their eyes or have wrinkles on their forehead

case 04Those whose upper eyelids cover more than one-third of the irises

case 05Those with unnatural-looking eyelid creases

iWELL’s Incisional Eye Shape Revision: Before & After Photos

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