What is magic medial/upper epicanthoplasty?

iWell's magic medial epicanthoplasty, which complements the previous drawbacks of scarring, is a method of incising the inside of the in front of eye and suturing the conjunctiva to minimize scarring. This method makes stifling eyes brighter by incising ‘Mongolian fold’ in front of your eyes and makes your eyes bigger by enlarging the length of the eyes. When there is Mongolian fold but the distance between the eyes is not wide, or there is severe hooded skin, or the eyes are narrow and sharp, upper epicanthoplasty, which raises the hooded skin in front of the eyes by 45 degrees, is effective.

What is a Mongolian fold?

More than 70% of Koreans have a Mongolian fold. Mongolian fold refers to a fold that extends from the anterior lid of the eye downward. The core of eye and double eyelid line is this 'Mongolian fold'. In general, it is ideal that the distance between both eyes is equal to the length of the glabella. For Korean women, the glabella is wider due to the Mongolian fold.

In the presence of a Mongolian fold?

  • The fold gives off a stifling impression as the glabella appears wider.
  • If there is a Mongolian fold, even if the double eyelid surgery is done, the line is curled inward, so it can become an unnatural double eyelid.
  • Eyes will look sharp and the length of the eyes is short.

How is the medial epicanthoplasty done?

Who needs the magic medial epicanthoplasty?

  • When a larger and more vivid appearance of the eyes are wanted
  • When eyes look stifling due to Mongolian folds
  • When glabella is wide
  • When the length of the eyes is short

How is the upper epicanthoplasty done?

Who needs the upper epicanthoplasty?

  • When the medial canthoplasty is difficult due to a narrow glabella
  • When eyes are giving off a harsh impression due to steep angle in front of the eyes
  • When eyes have severe hooded skin
  • When the length of eyes are short

Lateral/ Lower Epicanthoplasty

When the length of the eye is short, it is hard to have an effect that makes the eyes look larger and longer. When the length of the eye is short or the tail is raised, you can have soft and feminine eyes if you undergo lateral•lower epicanthoplasty to suit the characteristics of the individual eyes. It is more satisfying when the surgery is completed in conjunction with double eyelid surgery

Being together, effect up! iWell dual epicanthoplasty

iWell dual epicanthoplasty is a surgical method that simultaneously performs both lateral and lower epicanthoplasty, it enlarges both the outer length and the vertical length of the eye to create a cooler, softer eyes. In addition, even when the eyes slant upward, the eye tails down effectively to create a half-moon-shaped eye, creating a good, soft impression.

Back epicanthoplasty, unconditionally attached?

The existing lateral epicanthoplasty is often reattached to return to the pre-operative state during the recovery process without getting much effect. iWell’s lateral epicanthoplasty is evolved from the existing surgical procedure to ensure that the tissue which causes the skin to be reattached is cleanly removed during the surgery, greatly reducing the adhesion phenomenon.

lateral epicanthoplasty
Incision area conjunctival incision
inside the eye
skin incision outside the eye
of recurrence
Minimize the possibility of reattachment by fundamentally removing tissue that re-adheres the incision site Minimizes the chance of reattaching because the skin and mucosa are sutured respectively.
Minimize the possibility of reattachment by fundamentally removing tissue that re-adheres the incision site Probability of recurrence: High possibility of adhesion recurrence

Effect of bottom epicanthoplasty

  • Almond shaped eye changes to sophisticated looking oval shape.
  • Create a bigger lateral side of eye without scarring
  • Fierce looking eye changes to soft, feminine look.

Who needs the back/bottom epicanthoplasty

  • When you want to have bigger eyes
  • When the width of the eyes is shorter than the height of the eyes, which creates a dull look
  • When the width between the eyes is narrow and it is difficult to perform medial epicanthoplasty
  • When the eyes slant upward creating fierce looking eyes
  • When you can’t get the enlargement effect of the eyes only by medial epicanthoplasty

Magic medial/upper epicanthoplasty

Lateral/lower epicanthoplasty