iWELL’s Incisional Method

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Incisional Method

The incisional method involves making an incision into the upper eyelid along the line where the crease is supposed to form and removing any excess or sagging skin, muscle or fat. The incision line is impossible to see when the eyes are open because they are located below the fold, and the scar will slowly diminish in appearance over time.
This procedure is especially effective if the patient has thick skin in the upper eyelids or has thick-looking eyelids due to excess muscle or fat. Because the plastic surgeon can have a direct view of the anatomical structures inside the eyelids when performing this procedure, it is possible to carry out a customized procedure according to the patient’s individual characteristics.


Duration of Surgery

40~60 minutes


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

5 days

Suture Removal

After 5~7 days

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iWELL’s Incisional Method

01 The plastic surgeon will design the eyelid creases after a thorough assessment.
02 An incision is made according to the individual characteristics of the patient to remove some of the excess fat and muscle.
03 The skin and muscle of the eyelids are connected together and sutured.
04 The result: Well-defined eyes with natural-looking creases!


Why Choose iWELL’s Incisional Method?

Minimal scarring ensured by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon
Correction of surgically created double eyelids that look unnatural
Incision scars are difficult to see as they are located under the folds

The Incisional Method Is Recommended For/To

case 01Severely saggy skin in the upper eyelid area

case 02Thick upper eyelids that make the eyes appear smaller

case 03Excess fat in the upper eyelids

case 04Surgically created double eyelids that appear unnatural

case 05A severe case of ptosis

Characteristics of iWELL’s Incisional Method

There is a low chance of the eyelid creases disappearing, and it can be performed on most patients.
It involves removing sagging skin and wrinkles, so you will appear more youthful afterwards.
The incisions are made in a meticulous manner to minimize scarring and swelling.
In combination with the eye shape revision surgery, it will help make your eyes appear much larger.
An adequate amount of fat and muscle is removed from the upper eyelids to make the eye area appear slimmer.

Surgery That Can Be Combined with Incisional Double Eyelid Surgery

Horizontally short eyes?


Canthoplasty helps discover the hidden space in the corners without any scars

Before & After iWELL’s Incision Double Eyelid Surgery

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