What is lower eyelid fat rearrangement?

The bumpy lower eyelid fat becomes a cause of “Dark Circle”, giving a dark and tired impression. Lower eyelid fat reposition is a surgery to make a bright impression by repositioning the fat protruding from lower eyelid to tear through when the lower eyelid fat protrudes and tear through is sunken.

Causes of dark circles and surgical procedure

01the case of depressed maxilla bones

When your eyes look shaded due to the depressed maxilla bones, dark circles can be resolved with a fat injection or filler that fills the depressed area

02In the case of dark circles due to the lower eyelid fat

The conjunctiva inside the eye is incised to remove the fat, so surgery is possible scarless. If there is skin sagging, it is much more effective to have a concurrent lower blepharoplasty.

03In the case of dark skin due to veins and pigmentation

Fat removal and micro-autologous fat grafting through the conjunctiva is most effective.

Who needs lower eyelid fat rearrangement?

  • When dark circles make your face look dull and tired
  • When the dark part under the eyes can’t be covered by the concealer
  • When the bulky fat beneath lower eyelids make you look shady and old

What is lower eyelid fat removal?

The fat protruding from under the lower eyelids makes it look older and causes dark circles. The fat under the lower eyelid can be removed by incision of the conjunctiva inside the eye without visible scars, and you can go back to daily routines as it is possible to do normal activities such as washing the face and makeup right after surgery.

How is it done?

Who needs eye bag removal?

  • When the fat protrudes under the lower eyelids and looks shady.
  • If you often hear that you look older because of the lower eyelid fat.
  • When the dark part of lower eyelid can’t be covered by makeup.

What is lower eyelid love band?

It is a procedure that makes a youthful impression under the eyes by injecting a filler or autologous fat under the eyes. If the love band part is revived, you can get the impression made by the volume, the baby face effect is maximized by improving wrinkles under the eyes naturally due to the volume. It is possible to return to daily routine right after surgery because it proceeds in a relatively simple way

How is it done?

It is a very small area, but it is an important part that greatly influences the overall impression of the face. Therefore, it is very important to use proper amount and volume appropriate to your face and eyes. If you inject too little amount, the effect is insignificant, and if you inject too much, it looks the eyes are turned upside down or makes an awkward impression, so the surgery must be done by clinically experienced plastic surgeon.

01Autologous fat graft

It is a method of injecting only the finest pure fat in the desired area under the eyes after extracting the autologous fat of the person. Since it uses autologous tissue, there are few side effects. If you do not like it, you can turn it into its original shape with a injection of dissolving fat.

02Filler injection

It is a method to inject filler injections such as Restylane, Juvederm, and Radiesse etc. in the desired area under the eyes. You can see immediate effect right after the procedure, it takes as short as 5 minutes and there is almost no swelling, so it is easy for the worker and the students to return to daily routine. Even if you do not like the results, you can easily dissolve through the drug.

Why choose iWell’s lower eyelid love band?

01We use only authentic, quantitative fillers that are proven to be reliable.

02We design appropriate volume and height in harmony with each individual patient’s face, eyes and perform the surgery delicately.

03It is possible for you to go back to daily routines right after the surgery because scarring and swelling are minimal.

Who needs lower eyelid love band?

01When the area under the eyes are dull and sunken, leading to an older appearance

02When you want a fascinating eye smile

03When you want to get the baby face effect through a simple procedure

04When you want to improve the fine lines under your eyes together

Before and After of Lower eyelid fat removal

Before and After of Eye bag removal

Before and After of Lower eyelid love band