What is iWell partial incision method?

Partial incision is a surgery that removes unnecessary fat and muscle by making 1- 2mm of small slit and that makes double eyelid line at the same time. Compared to the incision method, the incision is very short. So scarring and swelling are minimized. Since the excessive fat is removed, the eyelids can be corrected slim create a natural double eyelid line. In the case that there is a lot of fat or muscle, there is a possibility that the double eyelid will be loosened if you are operated by non-incision method. So you are going to be operated by partial incision method.

How partial incision method is done

Who needs partial incision method

  • When the natural adhesion method is difficult due to a lot of fat and muscle around the eyes.
  • When the double eyelid is loosened after the buried method
  • When the skin of the eyelid is thick

What is iWell incision method?

The incision method is a method to make a double eyelid line by arranging the skin, muscles, and fats after incising the skin along the planned line to become a double eyelid line. Since the incision line goes into the double eyelid line, the incision scar becomes almost inconspicuous when the double eyelid is stabilized. The incision method is especially effective when the eyelid skin is thick or saggy, or when the eyelid looks thick due to unnecessary the muscle and fat layers under the skin. It is possible to perform the surgery while clearly observing the structure of the inside of the eyelid, so it is possible to operate according to the situation of the individual’s eyelid.

How iWell incision method is done

Why, iWell incision method?

  • Scars are scarcely visible because experienced, skilled medical staff performs the surgery.
  • Corrects unnatural looking double eyelid due to failed prior surgery.
  • Incision line is invisible since it goes inward along the double eyelid line after surgery.

Who needs incision method?

  • When the eyelid has a lot of skin hooding
  • When the eyes are looking puffy due to thick eyelids
  • When there is a lot of fat accumulated in the eyelids
  • When you want to correct the unnatural double eyelid from previous surgery that went wrong
  • When mid-severe ptosis is accompanied

What is iWell non-incision method?

A crisp and natural double eyelid line without loosening!

The iWell non-incision method is a procedure that significantly reduces the possibility of loosening because it creates more knots and ties more tightly than existing non-incision methods. Since you can choose the most effective surgical method for you among multiple-knot burial, multiple-knot continuous burial, and single-knot continuous burial, depending on the individual's eye condition, the satisfaction after surgery is high.

Why, choose iWELL non-incision method?

  • It compensates the disadvantages of the existing non-incision method, and drastically reduced the possibility of loosening the double eyelids.
  • Recovery is fast because it uses micro holes without the skin incision.
  • We perform the double eyelid surgery which is optimized for the individual by various non-incision surgeries.
  • It naturally coalesces. So the thread isn’t seen when you close your eyes who needs the non-incision method?

Who needs non-incision method?

  • When the eyelid is not thick and the skin's hooding is not severe
  • When having shallow double eyelid or loosened after surgery
  • When inconspicuous double eyelid surgery is wanted
  • When the incision method is burdensome

Before and After of Partial incision method