What is Natural Adhesion Method?

It is not the method of making artificial double eyelid line by forcefully connecting skin and tarsal plate by using the force of thread like existing burying method, but it induces natural adhesion between skin and muscle, so it is the surgery method similar to the most innate principle of double eyelid line.

Natural adhesion without scarring

  • iWell's natural adhesion method leaves less scarring than any other surgical procedure.
  • It compensates the disadvantages of the existing burying method and incision method, and maximizes the advantages, and has less possibility of disconnection and the operation is done through only very small holes, so there is almost no trace of surgery when your eyes are closed.

Why, iWell’s natural adhesion method?

  • Double eyelids look natural with natural adhesion of muscles that opens eyes under the skin.
  • If blepharoptosis is relatively minor, it can be corrected by natural adhesion method without incision.
  • Since the surgery is done through microscopic holes, so no scar is left.
  • It is not an artificial fixation, it is less loosened by applying the fundamental principle that double eyelids are made.
  • For the beauty of the whole face, it is possible to increase the size of the eyes without scarring by performing epicanthoplasty and blepharoptosis correction together.

Who needs natural adhesion method?

  • When you want natural, scarless double eyelids
  • When the skin of the eyelid is thin and the holding is small
  • When you want to be inconspicuous even when your eyes are closed
  • When a large swelling is burdensome at work or at school
  • When incision method double eyelid is burdensome

How the natural adhesion method is done

How to care after the natural adhesion surgery

01For two days after the surgery, swelling and bruise could happen, but they gradually disappear.

02Bowing and lying face down need to be avoided, and sleeping on a high pillow helps to relieve swelling.

03Avoid rubbing the eyelids or closing your eyes tightly.

04It is recommended to have a simple eye make-up after one week.

05Drinking and smoking may cause irritation, so it is recommended to be banned for about 4 weeks.

06It is recommended not to use sauna, jjimjilbang about 4 weeks.

07It is recommended not to wear contact lens for about 2 weeks.

Before and After of the Natural Adhesion Method