iWELL’s Lower Eyelid Surgery

Young and radiant appearance achieved by eliminating undereye wrinkles and fat!

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Lower Eyelid Surgery

Aging can cause the skin in and around the eye area to sag and droop down, which can make the undereye wrinkles worse and lead to a tired and older looking face. In this case, an incision is made along the lower lash line to remove the sagging skin, and the undereye fat is either removed or transferred through lower eyelid surgery. This procedure thus helps eliminate the wrinkles and fine lines under the eyes and make the eye area appear firmer and rejuvenated.


Duration of Surgery

1 hour


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

5 days

Suture Removal

After 5 ~ 7 days

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iWELL’s Lower Eyelid Surgery Procedure

01 The plastic surgeon designs the surgical area after a thorough assessment.
02 A small incision is made near the lower lash line.
03 Sagging skin and excess fat are removed and the remaining fat is transferred and fixed in place.
04 The skin and muscle are lifted upward and fixed in place before being sutured.


Why Choose iWELL’s Lower Eyelid Surgery?

The scar becomes virtually impossible to see, as the incision is made as close to the lower lash line as possible.
The fine lines under the eyes will disappear, while a sufficient amount of plumpness along the lash line (“aegyo-sal”) is left behind for a youthful appearance.
Bulging area is flattened, whereas areas of depression are filled to make the eye area appear firm and rejuvenated.
The person will gain a softer, more affable look.

Lower Eyelid Surgery Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those who look fatigued due to bulging undereye fat

case 02Those who look older than their age due to sagging skin

case 03Those who have severe undereye wrinkles that cast a shadow

case 04Those who have dark circles

Surgery That Can Be Combined with iWELL’s Brow Lift

Sagging and droopy eyelids?

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Concerned about wrinkles?

Accusculpt Lifting

Combine with upper eyelid surgery which makes the eye area firmer

Combine with a customized lifting procedure that results in a youthful and beautiful face without any wrinkles

iWELL’s Lower Eyelid Surgery: Before & After Photos

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