iWELL’s Upper Eyelid Surgery

Lift the eyelids to make the eye area appear more radiant and firmer!

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Upper eyelid surgery, known as upper blepharoplasty, is performed when the eyelids droop down due to reduced skin elasticity. Droopy eyelids can impede vision and sometimes the outer edge of the eye could become ulcerated. During this procedure, a part of the skin tissue in the eyelid is resected and the elevating muscle of the upper eyelid (muscle levator palpebrae superioris) is tightened to address the problem.


Duration of Surgery

40~60 minutes


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

5 days

Suture Removal

After 5~7 days

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iWELL’s Upper Eyelid Surgery Procedure

01 The surgical site is designed after sufficient consultation.
02 An incision is made in upper eyelid where skin is sagging to remove a part of the skin, fat and orbicular muscle of the eye (orbicularis oculi).
03 The levator palpebrae superioris, which is the muscle that lifts up the upper eyelid, is made tighter, and the incision is sutured closed meticulously.

Doesn’t Just Lift the Superficial Wrinkles!

Fundamental solution provided by enhancing the strength of the muscles

iWELL’s Upper Eyelid Surgery Conventional Upper Eyelid Surgery
Method of Surgery Skin Resection + Strengthening of Muscle
The skin is resected and the elevating muscle of the upper eyelid used to open the eye is tightened.
Skin Resection
The skin is resected and the superficial wrinkles are lifted upward.
Chance of Recurrence A fundamental solution for droopy eyelids The chance of recurrence increases over time.


Why Choose iWELL’s Upper Eyelid Surgery?

The procedure provides a fundamental solution by tightening the muscle that is used to open the eyes, instead of merely resecting the skin.
The procedure takes into consideration not only the appearance of wrinkles but also functional problems such as impeded vision.
This is especially effective in creating firmer and younger-looking eye area.
This results in well-defined eyes without the creation of eyelid creases.

Surgery That Can Be Combined with iWELL’s Upper Eyelid Surgery

Sagging and bulging skin under the eyes?

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Concerned about wrinkles?

Accusculpt Lifting

Combine with lower eyelid surgery which makes the undereye area firmer

Combine with a customized lifting procedure that results in a youthful and beautiful face without any wrinkles

iWELL’s Upper Eyelid Surgery: Before & After Photos

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