What is sub-brow lift?

When aging begins, the face may look dark or tired due to sagging eyelids. Also, if the eyelid is sagging, it interferes with vision, you will try to open the eyes using the forehead muscles, so that the forehead wrinkles will deepen. Sub-brow lift is an operation that incises the upper or lower part of the eyebrow and pulls the hooded skin to improve the wrinkles. Because the incision is on an eyebrow, it has the advantage of covering the scars naturally.

How is it done?

When there is enough space between the eye and the eyebrow

When the distance between eye and an eyebrow is short

Why, choose iWell sub-brow lift?

01It is natural because it improves sagging and wrinkles without deformation of eyes.

02Surgical effects can be checked immediately after surgery.

03Because of microscopic incision, the scar is covered by the eyebrows and is almost invisible after surgery.

04You can open your eyes comfortably, preventing wrinkles in the forehead and improving functional parts.

Who needs sub-brow lift?

  • When you look older and tired because the eyelids are saggy
  • When eyes are covered by sagging eyelids
  • When you want to improve sagging skin without making double eyelids
  • When you like your existing double eyelids but you do not show double eyelids due to skin sagging

What is upper blepharoplasty?

It is an operation performed when the elasticity of the skin decreases due to aging and the eyelid droops. If you leave the drooping eyelid, your visual field may be obscured and your vision may fall, and the tail of the eye may become ulcerated. Eliminates the eyelid skin and relieves eyelid sagging by tightening the levator muscles, the muscles that open your eyes.

How is it done?

Address the origin of the problem by
upper blepharoplasty!

iWell upper blepharoplasty not only raises the facial wrinkles, but also strengthens the muscles to solve the basic cause and give satisfactory surgical results.

iWell upper
Existing upper
skin incision +
muscle strengthening.

It makes the levator palpebrae
superioris muscles,which are
muscles that open the eyes tighten
after excision of the skin.
skin excision

The skin is excised
and pulled up.
Possibility of
Sagging eyelid is
fundamentally fixed
There is a high possibility of
recurrence over time.

Why, choose upper blepharoplasty?

01It is possible to solve the fundamental problem. Because not only excising skin but also fixing the muscles that open your eyes tightly.

02We perform surgery considering not only the wrinkles but also the functional aspects such as the problem of covering the eyesight.

03It is excellent for a baby face effect with young and resilient eyes.

04Natural and clear eyes can be obtained without double eyelids.

What is lower blepharoplasty?

As the aging progresses, the fat around the eyes becomes sagging, causing the underside of the eyes to bulge, which causes wrinkles under the eyes to make them look older and tired. In this case, you can get a clear and firm eyes through iWell lower blepharoplasty that removes sagging skin and the under-eye fat or rearrange by incising the lower eyelash line.

How is it done?

Why, choose lower blepharoplasty?

  • The scars are almost invisible because they are incised as close as possible to the eyelash line.
  • Excellent younger looking effect with sufficient volume and no fine lines under the eyes.
  • The bulging area is flattened and the area where it is sunken is filled up to complete a beautiful eye.
  • Improvement on fierce impression to softer one.

Who needs lower blepharoplasty

  • When looking tired due to baggy lower eyelid fat
  • When looking older due to severe sagging skin
  • When looking shady due to severe under eye wrinkles
  • When there are dark circles.

Before and After of Sub-brow Lift

Before and After of Upper Blepharoplasty

Before and After of Lower Blepharoplasty