Lateral/Lower Canthoplasty

Longer, Larger Eyes with a Soft Look!

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Lateral/Lower Canthoplasty

If the eyes are horizontally short, it is difficult to create longer or more prominent eyes with just double eyelid surgery. If your eyes are too short or upturned, you may opt for lateral or lower canthoplasty that is suitable for your own eye characteristics to gain more feminine-looking eyes. Note that patients who have received lateral/lower canthoplasty in combination with double eyelid surgery typically report a higher level of satisfaction.


Duration of Surgery

30 minutes


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 5 ~ 7 days

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Union After Lateral Canthoplasty

In the past, there were many cases in which the incised area became re-attached during the recovery process after lateral canthoplasty. However, iWELL’s lateral canthoplasty is an upgraded version in which the tissues that become reattached are completely removed during surgery to prevent union of the skin.

Characteristics of iWELL’s Lateral Canthoplasty

iWELL’s Lateral Canthoplasty General Lateral Canthoplasty
Incision Site Incision along the conjunctiva under the eyelid Incision in the skin on the surface of the eyelid
Chance of Recurrence • The tissues that cause union of the incision site are removed to reduce the chance of union
• The skin and mucous membrane are sutured separately to minimize the chance of union
High chance of union

Lower Canthoplasty

Lower canthoplasty, otherwise known as “lowering the upturned eye,”

is a surgical procedure that lowers the lower eyelid close to the outer corner (one-third of the area from the outer corner).
This transforms the upturned eye into a more ideal eye shape and elongates the eyes, which in turn helps soften the person’s look.

Lateral Canthoplasty
The outer corner is pulled horizontally to elongate the eye horizontally.

Lower Canthoplasty
The outer corner is pulled downward to enlarge the eye vertically.

Characteristics of iWELL’s Lower Canthoplasty

The upturned eye is
transformed into a more oval shape.

The outer corner of the
eye is enlarged without any scarring.

The fierce-looking eyes
are made more feminine with a softer look

Lateral/Lower Canthoplasty Is Recommended For/To

case 01Those who want bigger eyes

case 02Those whose eyes are too short horizontally relative to the vertical length

case 03Those who cannot opt for epicanthoplasty because their eyes are too close together

case 04Those with upturned eyes that make them appear fierce and unapproachable

case 05Those who underwent epicanthoplasty but failed to obtain any noticeable results

An integrated procedure that helps create soft and prominent eyes with improved effectiveness!

iWELL’s Dual Canthoplasty

iWELL’s dual canthoplasty refers to a procedure in which lateral and lower canthoplasty procedures are performed simultaneously. It serves to elongate the horizontal and vertical lengths of the eye for a softer and more well-defined appearance. Even in the case of an upturned eye, it effectively lowers the outer corners to create half-moon-shaped eyes, which will make the person appear friendlier and more approachable.

Transforms small and narrow eyes into long and well-defined eyes
Enlarges the eyes more effectively through lateral and lower canthoplasty
Transforms a fierce-looking person into someone who looks approachable and sophisticated

Surgery That Can Be Combined with iWELL’s Lateral/Lower Canthoplasty

Want prominent, well-defined eyes?

Double eyelid surgery

Double eyelid surgery in combination with the above procedure will make the eyes appear much more beautiful.

iWELL’s Lateral/Lower Canthoplasty: Before & After Photos

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