Facial Contouring for Men

A sharp and chiseled look that accentuates masculinity

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iWELL Plastic Surgery’s

Facial Contouring for Men

Men need to choose a facial contouring procedure that serves to highlight their masculinity, instead of simply creating a small and slim face with a V line that is more suitable for women. Men tend to prefer a more natural-looking jawline that is not as slender as that of a woman. So in order to meet their needs, we perform an accurate analysis of the facial contours of our male patients, based on a 3D-CT scan, and design a new face shape that suits their overall facial characteristics in order to accentuate their masculinity with a softer and sharper look.


Duration of Surgery

2 hours


General Anesthesia


Unnecessary or 1 day

Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal


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Professional TV services, which are in compliance with the Medical Services Act of Korea, are available to registered members who have logged on to our website. Feel free to sign up and watch our videos for an important checklist to remember when it comes to plastic surgery.

Professional TV services, which are in compliance with the Medical Services Act of Korea, are available to registered members who have logged on to our website. Feel free to sign up and watch our videos for an important checklist to remember when it comes to plastic surgery.

Upper face: central face : lower face 1:1:0.8 | horizontal : vertica 1:1.618
Distance between cheekbones : distance between jaw angles 1:0.8
Distance between philtrum and upper lip : distance between lower lip and end of chin 1:2

Need for Plastic Surgery Procedure

Specifically Designed for Men

The golden ratio for the face is 1:1:0.8 (upper area, mid area, and lower area).

The most common types of plastic surgery for men would be eye-plasty and nose-plasty, but these days, a growing number of men are opting for facial contouring surgery as well. Men tend to seek plastic surgery to leave a great first impression in the professional or business world and gain a chance to prove their competency and gain success. In the case of men, their bones are thicker compared to their female counterparts, and there are also differences in terms of the skin, blood vessels and other soft tissue. So it is important for the plastic surgeon to create a surgical plan that is tailored to the male patient and create sharp, natural-looking facial contours that highlight his masculinity.

Facial Contouring Specifically Designed for Men

Facial contouring tailored to men to highlight their masculine appeal


Unfriendly and unsophisticated look


Masculine and sharp yet soft look

Facial Contouring Surgery Procedure

Even when you have nice, prominent facial features, if your face shape appears unrefined or too angular,
it may prevent you from leaving a good first impression. Unlike for women, however, facial contouring for men is designed
to accentuate their masculine appeal through their facial contours by creating a sharp,
chiseled look instead of simply slimming down the face.

The zygoma or cheekbone is an important factor that determines the facial contours along with the jawbone. If the cheekbones are too prominent, it can make one appear somewhat unrefined. The surgical method is varied based on the facial bone structure and the degree of protrusion of the cheekbones to reduce the size of the cheekbones and create a more three-dimensional and sophisticated-looking face.

This is a surgical procedure recommended to men who have prominent square jaws that make them appear unfriendly and unapproachable. Square jaw reduction surgery involves refining the jawbone to make the face appear smaller and the jawline smoother. iWELL’s square jaw reduction surgery serves to remove a part of the facial bone, cortical bone, jaw muscles and facial fat. In the case of men, they tend to have well-developed muscles compared to women, so removing a moderate amount of muscle can lead to more satisfying results.

Even if you don’t have a square jaw or protruding cheekbones, your face can still look flat and large if you have a stubby chin. Men tend to have thicker bones than women, so having a wide and stubby chin can make them appear even more unrefined. If you have concerns about the shape of your chin (short chin, long chin, receding chin, jutting chin, etc.), visit iWELL for a chin revision procedure to gain a sharper look.

Characteristics of iWELL’s Facial Contouring Surgery

Facial contouring for men is a surgical procedure that requires a high degree of accuracy and meticulousness as a small difference can lead to major changes. The cheekbones should be slimmed down, while the jawline should appear straight without looking too pointy for a more natural appearance. To prevent overly feminine or unrefined appearance, the characteristics between those of a U line and V line are accentuated to create the most ideal face shape with masculine appeal.

Advantages of iWELL’s Facial Contouring for Men

1. Systematic Analysis

An optimized surgical plan is established based on an in-depth analysis conducted by a skilled plastic surgeon by using high-tech 3D-CT and 3D scanner equipment.

2. iWELL’s Unique Surgical Methods

iWELL Plastic Surgery has developed facial contouring tools to produce better results and ensure improved safety, and they have been patented in recognition of their excellence.

3. Real Name System (No Ghosting)

A plastic surgeon specializing facial contouring is assigned to each case to follow through with the entire process. We promise transparency and you can rest assured that you will be operated on by the plastic surgeon who provided you with consultation.

4. Satisfying Results

Tissue separation is minimized to prevent skin sagging and double fixation is performed for improved security. iWELL’s facial contouring surgery involves removing any and all unnecessary parts to accentuate the beautiful aspects of your face.

iWELL’s Facial Contouring for Men Is Recommended For/To

case 01Burly-looking face that gives off hostile or aggressive vibes

case 02Functional problems with the jaw incl. malocclusion, jutting chin, asymmetry, etc.

case 03The patient wants a sharp jawline that looks natural

case 04Concerns of asymmetric facial contours

iWELL’s Facial Contouring System for Men

Balance and harmony are considered important in iWELL’s Sculpting Facial Contouring.

Facial Contouring Specialists

Who Graduated from SNU College of Medicine

Plastic surgeons who have graduated from Seoul National University (SNU) College of Medicine establish a surgical plan considering the facial bones and characteristics of the patient and his/her wants and needs after sufficient consultation. Special information such as the thickness and length of the chin, nerve locations, etc. is taken into account during surgery to bring out the most beautiful face in every patient.


Facial Contouring Methods

At iWELL, we relentlessly perform research to develop new surgical methods and to produce the most satisfying results through safe implementation of facial contouring methods. We have applied for and registered patents with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) for the surgical instruments developed based on our facial contouring specialists’ abundant surgical experience and research.

Registered a raspatory for cheekbone surgery with KIPO
Registered a saw for cheekbone surgery with KIPO
Acquired a patent for a raspatory for Quick Zygoma Reduction Surgery
Applied for a patent for a raspatory for Quick Zygoma Reduction Surgery
Acquired a patent for a retractor for square jaw surgery
Applied for trademark registration of Sculpting Facial Contouring

Facial Contouring

Advanced Medical System

The low-dose 3D-CT equipment at iWELL helps maximize the scope of CT scanning and allows a more accurate assessment of the bone structure of the face thanks to its high resolution. There is also a 3D scanner with which a virtual plastic surgery procedure can be performed as a way to predict the results. Through these measures, individually tailored facial contouring surgery can be performed in a safer and more accurate manner.

Full-Time Anesthesiologist

with Experience in Plastic Surgery

At iWELL, where patient safety is our No. 1 priority, we have a full-time anesthesiologist with an abundant experience in sitting in plastic surgery procedures. We also implement a real name system, referring to the practice of recording the names of the plastic surgeons performing the procedure to prevent unauthorized substitution and consequential medical incidents. We also well-prepared for any medical incidents or accidents that may potentially occur during surgery and equipped with an emergency system to ensure safety.

A Personalized, One-on-One

Post-Care System

At iWELL Plastic Surgery, we implement a personalized post-op care system to ensure satisfying results and help minimize the pain and swelling after surgery. A patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump is provided so that a predetermined amount of a pain-relieving drug can be administered automatically in order to minimize pain. Also, systematic and specialized one-on-one post-op care is provided after facial contouring surgery to help patients return to their everyday routines as quickly as possible.

Post-op pain management
Post-op swelling management
Skin regeneration care
Skin elasticity care

iWELL’s Facial Contouring for Men Before & After Photos

3D Zygoma Reduction

3D Zygoma Reduction

3D Zygoma Reduction

3D Zygoma Reduction

Long Curved Square Jaw

3D Zygoma Reduction

Long Curved Square Jaw

3D Zygoma Reduction

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