Mini V Line

Slim down the chin for a beautiful V line!

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Duration of Surgery

Within 1 hour


General Anesthesia


1 day

Recovery Period

5 days

Suture Removal


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Professional TV services, which are in compliance with the Medical Services Act of Korea, are available to registered members who have logged on to our website. Feel free to sign up and watch our videos for an important checklist to remember when it comes to plastic surgery

Professional TV services, which are in compliance with the Medical Services Act of Korea, are available to registered members who have logged on to our website. Feel free to sign up and watch our videos for an important checklist to remember when it comes to plastic surgery

Before & After iWELL’s Mini V Line

iWELL’s mini V line surgery is performed on patients with a long and round chin. It involves performing T-shaped osteotomy on the lower part of the jawbone and gathering the left and right bones together before fixing them in place and resecting the jawbone on the sides. This reduces the width of the chin and makes the jawline appear smoother, and this is why it is recommended to people with a wide chin that makes their face appear to be in a square shape.


– Round chin and dull, unrefined appearance
– Wide and large face


– Feminine and refined appearance
– Smoother jawline and slimmer face

Cases of Mini V Line Surgery

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Chin Osteotomy VS iWELL’s Mini V Line

Chin Osteotomy iWELL’s Mini V Line
Result Improves the appearance of only the chin V-shaped face with noticeable changes in the contours
Method Must either reduce the length of the chin or move the jawbone Possible to reduce the length of the chin and move the jawbone by T-shaped osteotomy in addition to gathering the chin bones to create a slimmer jawline
Effectiveness Difficult to improve the overall look of the jawline as there are limitations in slimming down the face by simply changing the appearance of the chin Can create a natural-looking V line by slimming down the jawline from the chin to the back

Mini V Line Surgery Procedure

01 Determine the exact locations of the jawline and nerves based on a 3D-CT scan
02 Devise a safe and accurate surgical plan through a 3D image analysis
03 Perform T-shaped osteotomy and remove the bone fragment in the middle
04 Gather together the bones and fix them firmly in place
05 Gather together the bones and fix them firmly in place
06 Perform a resection of the square jaw next to the outer corners of the mouth
07 Perform a resection of the rear part of the cortical bone, which reduces the thickness of the jawbone and makes the face appear slimmer from the front
08 Suture the incision site and provide individually customized post-op care

But wait!

Are you hesitant to have metal pins in your body?

iWELL mini V line surgery can be performed using absorbable pins and screws that are not noticeable.

Metal pins are used to fix bones in place during mini V line surgery. They are not visible to the naked eye, but they can be seen on an X-ray or CT scan, and this is why some people are reluctant to undergo this type of surgery. If this is the case for you, you can choose “transparent contouring,” which involves the use of absorbable pins (osteo trans), which get integrated into the bones and disappear over time.


Special Characteristics of iWELL’s Mini V Line Surgery

V Line Achieved with Minimal Incision
Unlike the square jaw resection method, only the chin is operated on, so the procedure is relatively simpler. Minimal incision is made to reduce pain and bleeding as well.
V Line Designed According to Your Face Shape
The key point when it comes to mini V line surgery is to create V line that is in a harmonious balance with the rest of the face by taking into consideration the original face shape of the patient.
Maximized Slimming Effect from the Front!
After the T-shaped osteotomy, the bones are gathered together as much as possible so that the jawline appears slimmer even from the front!
Safe Procedure That Avoids the Nerves
High-tech equipment such as 3D-CT and 3D scanner equipment is used to accurately locate the nerves and determine the facial structure to ensure safety and minimize adverse effects.
Same-Day Discharge and Fast Recovery
Because this is a relatively simple procedure performed on the chin, there is no need for hospitalization. Bleeding is minimized to reduce swelling and ensure a speedy recovery.

Mini V Line Surgery Is Recommended For/To

case 01The face does not appear
slim from the front

case 02The patient wants
a natural-looking V line

case 03Longer-than-average
and asymmetrical chin

case 04Wide and stubby chin

case 05The patient wants a simple procedure
for a fast recovery in order to
return to everyday routines quickly

Facial Contouring Specialists

Who Graduated from SNU College of Medicine

Plastic surgeons who have graduated from Seoul National University (SNU) College of Medicine establish a surgical plan considering the facial bones and characteristics of the patient and his/her wants and needs after sufficient consultation. Special information such as the thickness and length of the chin, nerve locations, etc. is taken into account during surgery to bring out the most beautiful face in every patient.


Facial Contouring Methods

At iWELL, we relentlessly perform research to develop new surgical methods and to produce the most satisfying results through safe implementation of facial contouring methods. We have applied for and registered patents with the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) for the surgical instruments developed based on our facial contouring specialists’ abundant surgical experience and research.

Registered a raspatory for cheekbone surgery with KIPO
Registered a saw for cheekbone surgery with KIPO
Acquired a patent for a raspatory for Quick Zygoma Reduction Surgery
Applied for a patent for a raspatory for Quick Zygoma Reduction Surgery
Acquired a patent for a retractor for square jaw surgery
Applied for trademark registration of Sculpting Facial Contouring

Facial Contouring

Advanced Medical System

The low-dose 3D-CT equipment at iWELL helps maximize the scope of CT scanning and allows a more accurate assessment of the bone structure of the face thanks to its high resolution. There is also a 3D scanner with which a virtual plastic surgery procedure can be performed as a way to predict the results. Through these measures, individually tailored facial contouring surgery can be performed in a safer and more accurate manner.

Full-Time Anesthesiologist

with Experience in Plastic Surgery

At iWELL, where patient safety is our No. 1 priority, we have a full-time anesthesiologist with an abundant experience in sitting in plastic surgery procedures. We also implement a real name system, referring to the practice of recording the names of the plastic surgeons performing the procedure to prevent unauthorized substitution and consequential medical incidents. We also well-prepared for any medical incidents or accidents that may potentially occur during surgery and equipped with an emergency system to ensure safety.

A Personalized, One-on-One

Post-Care System

At iWELL Plastic Surgery, we implement a personalized post-op care system to ensure satisfying results and help minimize the pain and swelling after surgery. A patient-controlled analgesia (PCA) pump is provided so that a predetermined amount of a pain-relieving drug can be administered automatically in order to minimize pain. Also, systematic and specialized one-on-one post-op care is provided after facial contouring surgery to help patients return to their everyday routines as quickly as possible.

Post-op pain management
Post-op swelling management
Skin regeneration care
Skin elasticity care

iWELL’s Mini V Line Before & After Photos


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