What is 3D zygoma reduction?

3D zygoma reduction of iWELL plastic surgery rotates the zygomatic arch inward while reducing the thickness of it, changing the frontal cheekbone, side cheekbone, and 45 degrees cheekbones at once. With the excellent facial reduction, the smaller and slender face will be provided.

Surgical technique of iWELL 3D zygoma reduction

01Minimal side effects through complete fixation

Using the highest quality titanium plate or absorptive plate, complete double fixation will minimize worries of nonunion; using surgical tools for cheekbone surgery developed by iWELL, we minimize dissection and increased the accuracy of the surgery to reduce worries of cheek drooping

02Reduce the facial size and increase the stereognostic sense

3D zygoma reduction of iWELL is, unlike existing zygoma reduction, rotating the zygomatic arch inward. Therefore, the arch region of zygoma which determines the width of the face is translocation inward, reducing the facial width as much as possible.

03Rapid return to normal life

With minimal incision of 3cm in oral mucosa, we can identify the surgical area through endoscope, increasing the accuracy of the surgery while reducing bleeding and swelling which lead to rapid return to normal life.

“Wedge type L-osteotomy” technique for small face

Osteotomy typeL type osteotomy with edge type (prevent cheek sagging and dimpling, promote restore union)

Reduction effectAs osteotomy is located deeper than previous osteotomy technique, facial reduction effect is huge and creates balanced volume, leading to younger and bright facial line

Volume effectAs the protruding cheekbone for each individual is different, we find the MMP point(maximum protruding point) which is the center of cheekbone through 3D-CT to complete facial outline with volume.

Patented osteostripper for zygomtic bone surgery

iWELL medical staffs have core technology and independent know-how based on abundant clinical experiences and persistent research. We have completed application and registration of patent for osteostripper for zyomatic bone surgery plastic surgery. iWELL will always thrive for high quality medical service and satisfactory results.

3D zygoma reduction points

The most beautiful and comfortable looking face to human is balanced and well-organized face. However, most of the people(more than 90%) has asymmetric face ratio . Although we can’t completely improve the overall asymmetry, with 3D zygoma reduction of iWELL, we improve the asymmetry as much as possible to balance the face out. Especially for the cheekbone, even 1~2mm difference does lead to huge improvements; with more precise and delicate surgery, we produce natural face reduction effect.

01Ideal facial outline

Complete ideal face line with harmonious cheekbone volume

02Stereoscopic baby face effect

By removing protruding 45 degrees and side cheek-bone and giving volume to front cheekbone, baby face effect is given

03Minimal side effects

With tight fixation, no more cheek sagging and nonunion!

Before/After of 3D zygoma reduction