What is behind ear square jaw procedure?

The square jaw which is protruding toward the side is far from woman`s beauty. Slender and egg shaped face is an object of envy to all women. previous square jaw surgery has swelling as well as long recovery period; however, behind ear square jaw procedure of IWELL is a simple surgery which remove angular bone through small incision behind ear under sleep anesthesia, providing beautiful egg shaped face.

01Safe and precise surgery through endoscope

By directly checking the surgery region through endoscope, the protruding square jaw is cut in safe and precise way

02Fast recovery! No more swelling!

As it is incision behind ear, swelling is low and recovery is fast.

03No more wound!

It is minimal incision to the back of the ear; if the hair is long enough to touch shoulder, the surgery region isn’t visible.

04No more anesthetic pressure!

It isn’t general anesthesia but sleep anesthesia

05Maximum frontal and side effects

Remove unnecessary muscle and cortex at the same time to complete smooth facial line

Patented “Retractor device for square jaw surgery to prevent damage to vessel and nerve”

In IWELL, we developed the “retractor device for square jaw surgery to prevent damage to vessel and nerve” based on persistent research and clinical experience and received patents from independent technology as well as stability.

  • By identifying the location of neural pass way and chin bone through 3DCT, we understand the surgical area as well as vessel and face bone tissue
  • By osteotomy in long curved from beneath the ear to frontal chin, we remove unnecessary muscle and fat.
  • Minimal dissection of mouth and minute incision method of soft-tissue
  • By lifting soft-tissue and fixation, sagging is not a worry

“Long curved behind ear square jaw procedure of IWELL which even consider

For general behind ear square jaw, the parts beneath each ear is excised to have effects on side; however, if you want frontal effect, you had to choose square jaw surgery with mouth incision under full anesthesia. However, in IWELL, we provide “long curve behind ear square jaw procedure” to have frontal effect as well through behind ear excise. Long curved behind ear square jaw procedure secure appropriate vision through high tech endoscope under sleep anesthesia and improve not only side but also the frontal area to complete beautiful chin line.

Before/after of behind ear square jaw procedure