What is Forehead volume augmentation?

If the forehead is flat and even, it may concern with negative and cramp impression. if the forehead is uneven or have developed eyebrows bone, it may concern with tough image. Forehead volume augmentation of IWELL uses customized prosthetics or autologous fat implant to give volume to forehead. Considering the line starting from forehead, nose, to chin, the overall harmony and stereognostic effect is made

Length of ideal upper facial area

The golden ratio of face is 1:1:0.8 for upper, middle, and lower facial area. If the forehead forming upper facial area is too large, such ratio is broken and becomes unharmonious. With curved side and appropriate ratio of forehead in front, the elegant image is completed.

Surgical method of forehead plastic surgery

Through forehead reduction, the length of forehead can be reduced 1.3~2.0cm in average with minimal incision. It is planned out while considering overall ratio.

Surgical know-how of iWELL

When dissecting hair line part, we dissect(dotted line) diagonally while considering the direction of hair growth, reducing damage to hair root(black dot). Therefore, hair also grows from the dissected area of skin

Characteristics of forehead reduction

  • As the incision is diagonal to hair root, the damage to hair root due to surgery is low.
  • As downy hair is appropriately left out, natural hair line can be shown.
  • Normal length and density of hair can be maintained without having to wait like hair implant.
  • Face reduction effect without facial contouring can be possible.
  • For dull forehead, forehead reduction is completed along with self-fat transplantation

Hair implant VS IWELL forehead reduction

Hair implant IWELL
forehead reduction
Hair line density Low High
reduction effect
Low High
Hair loss
after surgery
Very likely None
4-5 hours 1 hour
Damage to
hair root
High Low