Post-surgery management system

The overall direction of the surgery can be predicted depending on the experience of medical staff; the result after the surgery can be completely different depending on what kinds of treatments you may receive. In IWELL, we create satisfactory results as well as rapid recovery through systematic customized management program depending on characteristics and recovery status of the individual.

  • Swelling, bruise management
    Through laser treatments after the surgery, vessel contraction and tissue damages are recovered while blood circulation and lymph circulation are promoted to minimize swelling and bruises.
  • Pain relief management
    For people who fear pain after surgery or have hard time enduring, we use pain controlled analgesia(PCA) to relieve pain after surgery and help recover.
  • Skin elasticity management
    By promoting functions of cell, smooth metabolism is induced; by increasing the collagen and elastin layer, skin elasticity is promoted and prevented of cheek sagging
  • Skin regeneration management
    Through high frequency management for damaged skin tissue during surgery, rapid recovery is promoted.

1:1 customized management system

  • iWell’s after-care is carried out directly by post-care skin care specialist with 1: 1 dedicated care system after plastic surgery.
  • It is a series of 4 after-cares program.(Swelling laser once, high frequency management 3 times)
    * For quick cheekbone, provide swelling laser once, 3 times of high frequency managements

Management schedule after the surgery

PRECautions after the surgery

  • Posture
    1Try not to bow or lie flat; when sleeping, use pillows to relieve swelling or pain.
    2Try not to sleep on sideways or face down.
  • Meal
    1For up to 2 weeks after the surgery, have soft food(thin rice gruel, milk, juice, and other liquid foods).
    2After 2 weeks, you can have normal meal; avoid hard and tough meal(squid, nuts) for 2 months.
  • Swelling
    1For two days after the surgery, swelling or bruises may occur. They will eventually go away.
    2Up to 3 days after the surgery, it is good to have ice packs; after that, try hot packs. While applying packs, make sure you use clean towel or handkerchief to wrap the packs.
  • Wound management
    1When having facial contouring through mouth dissection, gargling after surgery is important to prevent inflammation or infection.
    2Even if you don’t have meal, gargle every two hours and before going to bed.
    3Brushing teeth is possible 2 weeks after the surgery; make sure you don’t irritate the dissected part. (Before removing suture, you can brush your teeth by using “toothbrush for children” with gargle 2 days after the surgery).
  • Cleansing and shower
    1Simple shower is possible the day after the surgery.
    2To prevent irritation after surgery, cleanse lightly with water.
    3Shower or sauna is possible 4 weeks after the surgery.
  • Exercise
    1To prevent swelling during night, exercise(walking or strolling) during daytime
    2Excessive workout such as aerobic or health, excluding light walking, is possible 8 weeks after the surgery.