zygoma reduction revisional surgery

zygoma reduction revisional surgery is for patients who received low reduction effect of the cheek or have different left/right cheek size despite the fact that they had zygoma reduction; we use 3DCT analysis to accurately analyze the problems of primary surgery and perform revision surgery to complete smooth facial line.

In case the cheekbone revision surgery is necessary

zygoma reduction revisional CASE

01Low cheek reduction effect & asymmetry

This is a case of low zygoma reduction revisional reduction effect and has severe asymmetry due to almost no reduction in right zygoma. IWELL 3D zygoma reduction revisional moved the right zygoma inward to enhance the reduction effect and restore the symmetry of left/right cheekbone

02Gap due to inadequate zygoma fixation

This is a case of side-effect due to incomplete agglutination after receiving non-fixed zygoma reduction. In IWELL, we understood the state of bone through 3DCT completely to join bones together and operated firm double fixation 3D zygoma reduction and improved the gap.

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Square jaw revision surgery

Square jaw is not formed only with bones, but also with muscle, subcutaneous fat, and in-depth cheek fat as well; such factors must be considered. If these aren’t considered, it may lead to un-satisfaction, functional problems, or side-effects and result it revision surgery. IWELL square jaw revision surgery will perform 3DCT to accurately analyze the problem from primary surgery to complete ideal facial line

In case square jaw revision surgery is necessary

Square jaw revision surgery CASE

01Secondary angle

This is a revision surgery case to improve side-effects from secondary angle reduction from square jaw surgery from other hospital. In IWELL, we completed smooth chin line without secondary angle through long curved square jaw reduction.

02When the left and right jaw lines are asymmetric

This is a case of revision surgery due to severe asymmetry after receiving square jaw surgery from other hospital. In IWELL, we adjusted the asymmetry through long curved square jaw procedure and completed smooth chin line.

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Mentum revision surgery

Using osteotomy, this surgery completes V line by adjusting the length of mentum and front/read location. This becomes an effective surgery after considering the facial type and status of chin. However, if the overall ratio and location is not well adjusted, revision surgery is necessary. IWELL mentum revision surgery clearly analyzes the problems from primary surgery through 3DCT analysis and performs revision surgery to complete ideal chin line.

When mentum revision surgery is necessary

  • Recessive chin is persisted
  • Lantern jaw isn’t improved after primary surgery
  • Length of chin isn’t improved after primary surgery
  • U line isn’t improved after primary surgery

Mentum revision surgery CASE

01When length of chin isn’t improved

This is a revision surgery case as the mentum is shorter compared to the facial type. The short frontal chin was “osteotomized in ㅅ shape” and moved forward to complete natural chin line.

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Facial contouring revision surgery system

iWELL established 3D-CT precise diagnosis system to accurately measure the location of nerve and vessel as well as distribution of muscle and fat to analyze problems of primary surgery. After such precise diagnosis, we predict the future problems to make sure that revision surgery is not necessary and is safe to perform.

  • Understand and analyze actual cause
    In IWELL, we use 3D-CT and 3D scanner to accurately understand and diagnose the status of bone and skin of face as well as balance; then, after sufficient consultation with the medical staffs, most appropriate surgical method is set to establish surgical plan and perform closed surgery.
  • professional medical staff
    In IWELL, medical staffs with abundant facial contouring surgery experience and knowhow understand the problems of primary surgery and create satisfactory result with precise surgical plan appropriate for each cause.
  • Optimized system for revision surgery
    In iWELL, we have 3D-CT, 3D scanner, safe anesthesia system, sterilization system, and emergency medical system for safe and satisfactory facial contouring revision surgery.