What is Sculpting facial Contouring?

Sculpting facial contouring is a trademark which proposes new concept about facial contouring provided by the iWELL plastic surgery; this word is created by grafting “sculpting” to facial contouring. Everything started from a doubt; would general convention of facial contouring which is to cut square jaw as much as possible until nerve fibers are exposed and to push in the protruding cheekbone competitively make a face prettier?

Michelangelo, a genius sculptor, defined “sculpting” as removing the unnecessary. He predicted the hidden beauty of uncarved marble and from such inspiration had he crafted beautiful sculptures such as Pieta and David.

As I mentioned earlier, sculpting means to “sculpt”; sculpting facial contouring represents plastic surgery of iWELL which is to preserve the functionality while pursuing natural and harmonic beauty.

Based on aesthetic sense acquired from abundant experience and research results, we accurately understand the facial structure of individual to “sculpt” and move beyond just removing bones to harmonically carve.

Sculpting facial contouring with golden ratio

  • Stereognostic sense with volume
    With appropriate amount of volume located on cheekbone, the face looks smaller along with stereognostic sense
  • Ideal ratio
    We considered 1:1:1 ratio as most idealistic; however, due to recent trend of baby face, 1:1:0.8 ratio with small lower jaw and slender V line is preferred.

Acquired patent for facial contouring surgical tool!

iWELL, for safety facial contouring surgery and satisfactory result, has persistently researched to develop new surgical methods. iWELL medical staffs have acquired patent(osteotribe for cheekbone surgery) for surgical tool and applied for patents for various surgical tools(surgical retractor for square jaw to prevent nerve and vessel damage). Based on high technology of iWELL, you can acquire satisfactory results while having safe facial contouring surgery.

Sculpting facial contouring points

While grasping the structure of facial outline, we consider the golden ratio of harmonic face, amount of muscle, fat, and skin to complete beautiful outline

01Systematic analysis

Through cutting-edge 3DCT, 3D scanner, and precise analysis of proficient professionals, we establish surgical plan optimized for each individual.

02No more ghost surgeon! Real-name system for surgery

Entire course of surgery is performed by exclusive surgeons for facial contouring. We implemented real-name system for surgery to ensure transparent surgical procedure.

03Surgical techniques provided only in iWELL

For better results and higher degree of safety, iWELL has developed surgical tools for facial contouring and obtained patents

04Satisfactory surgery result

With minimal peeling, we prevent skin laxity; also, facial contouring is performed under solid double fixation. iWELL facial contouring is to remove the unnecessary and to highlight the beauty.

Sculpting facial contouring system

01Exclusive medical staff for facial contouring

Medical staff from Seoul National University College of medicine will coordinate opinions with patients prior to surgery through consultation to establish optimized surgery plan. Based on detailed information such as thickness and length of jaw and location of nerve fiber, we not only predict the optimal face shape, but also complete the most beautiful face shape

02Cutting-edge medical system

Through low-dose 3D-CT, iWELL plastic surgery maximizes the CT film region and grasps more detailed structure through high resolution. With 3D Scanner virtual forming equipment, we predict the post-surgery results and perform optimized facial contouring surgery through safe and precise surgery.

03Safe Anesthesia System

We take the safety of patients as priority; anesthesia specialist resides in hospital 24-7 who is proficient in plastic surgery and to prevent medical accidents which may occur from other ghost surgeons, we implemented “real-name system for surgery”. Also, we are prepared for all kinds of medical accidents which may occur during surgery and with emergency response system, we perform with extreme caution and safety.

04Emergency System

Sculpting facial contouring is operated in safe surgical environment system which includes anesthesia as well as emergency response. We possess university hospital level equipment to prepare for special situation which may occur during surgery.