What is long curved square jaw surgery?

Long curved square jaw surgery is a surgery to make slender face type by refining from square jaw beneath the ear to side jawline in one piece. As it is performed in long curved shape from the ear tomentum, it completes a small and slender face type even from the front.

Considering the balance of face, long curve from beneath the ear to frontal chin is controlled to complete natural V line.

Patented “Retractor for square jaw surgery to
prevent damage to vessel and nerve”

In iWELL, we developed the “retractor for square jaw surgery to prevent damage to vessel and nerve” based on persistent research and clinical experience and received patents from independent technology as well as stability.

  • By identifying the location of neural pass way and chin bone through 3DCT, we understand the surgical area as well as vessel and face bone tissue
  • By osteotomy in long curved from beneath the ear to frontal chin, we remove unnecessary muscle and fat.
  • Minimal dissection of mouth and minute incision method of soft-tissue
  • By lifting soft-tissue and fixation, sagging is not a worry

Complete V line even from the front!

In iWELL, we operate “long curved rotation cut” which cuts the boundary of chin bone from mandibular angle to mentum. This not only shows changes from side line, but also improves V line by clearly reducing the mentum. However, this can be only performed if mentum advancement or backward surgery is unnecessary.

Before/After of long curved square jaw surgery