What is Mini V Line?

Mini V line is a surgery to osteotome the lower part of the jaw in T shape and fixes the bones from left and right to make side jaw soft. This is performed when the patient has long and round frontal chin. The width of the blunt and wide chin will be reduced and chin line becomes naturally softer. This is effective for people with square shape faces due to the wide frontal chin.

Surgical method of Mini V Line

Is mini V line and mentum surgery different?

Both the effect and surgical methods are different!

Mini V line points

01V line completed with minimal incision

different to square jaw reduction, it is a surgery for frontal chin; it can simply complete V line. Also, with minimal incision, bleeding and pain is minimal

02Facial line considering the facial type of the patient

Mini V line is a surgery which makes the facial line to slim; the main point is to operate while considering the characteristics of patient’s facial line to excellent harmony.

03Safe surgery avoiding neural gland

Using 3DCT and 3D scanner prior to surgery, we can identify the neural pass way and facial outline; this minimizes the side-effects such as neural damage.

04Same Day surgery, rapid recovery

As it is simple surgery for just frontal chin, it does not require admission; with minimal bleeding, swelling is almost non-existent along with fast recovery.

Before/After mini V Line