What is paranasal implants?

When the line from side of nasal base to the side of mouth are sunken, paranasal implants fill this area with prosthetics or autologous fat and give volume. When the stereognostic sense is lively, you look younger and more elegant; that’s why another name of this surgery is “noble surgery”. When the nasolabial fold is improved, you look bright facial expression and reduce protruded lip.

Why the paranasal implants from IWELL?

IWELL paranasal implant is optimized for patients who worry about nasolabial fold from wrinkles. In IWELL, we use prosthetics, autologous fat, or filler to give volume and help change the overall image toward elegance.

Paranasal implant technique

01Surgery through insertion of prosthetics

This is very effective surgery if nasolabial fold is extreme. Through mouth incision, safe prosthetics such as silicon, goretex, or alloderm is implanted. Prosthetics which isn’t customized may move or become unnatural when smiling; So in IWELL, we uses customized prosthetics to have natural effects.

02Surgery using autologous fat graft

After collecting unnecessary fat from thigh, hips, and abdomen, fat is grafted in various layers across the sunken space. If it is operated along with PRP operation and fat graft, not only will it have stable engraftment rate, but also the abundant growth factors will have skin restoration and whitening effect.

03Procedure using filler

It is effective when nasolabial fold isn’t severe. In IWELL, we have principle of applying safe product approved by FDA of US and KFDA. Patient can have immediate effect after simple injection procedure within 10 minutes and can have daily life right after. Also, depending on types of the filler, duration is different and has advantages of restoring the original status if the result is unsatisfactory.

Effects of paranasal implants

01Improve protruded lips

Easing the protruded lips relatively.

02Baby face effect

Baby face effect from improvements in nasolabial fold.

03Face reduction effect

With protruded lips improved, overall face looks softer and smaller.

Before/after of paranasal implants