Shot chin refers to short chin or recessive chin despite the normal occlusion. If the boundary between neck and face in unclear or lips are protruding, the surgery is planned to the location of mentum is performed. Depending on the symptoms, it can be corrected through procedures such as simple prosthetics insertion or fat graft

Standard of pretty chin

Chin implants method advancement genioplasty

01short chin correciton using advancement genioplasty

This is a surgery which advance the mentum after osteotomizing it. As it moves the bone itself, the length of mentum can be controlled depending on the degree of osteotomy. However, it this operation takes time compared to implants insertion or fat graft, and it also requires general anesthesia.

02Short chin correction through prosthetics implants

There are multiple types of prosthetics which can be used on mentum. Silicon, goretex, or medpore, an artificial bone, can be implanted to enlarge the size of chin or move the location of it. It is simple surgery with customized prosthetics inserted through small incision in mucous membrane in mouth

03Short chin correction using autologous fat graft

After collecting unnecessary fat from thigh, hips, and abdomen, fat is grafted in various layer of short chin. As it is collecting unnecessary fat, body type can be improved as well. It is simple procedure with low swelling and fast recovery.

Chin implants points

01Customized chin implants considerng facial ratio

Considering the different shape of chin and overall harmony and ratio of face, IWELL customize the surgery for each individual

02Image improvements effect for overall face

As it improves the shape and volume of lower jaw, but also the length and shape of the face, augmentation of chin can improve overall image of the face

03Maintain frontal chin volume

Surgical methods are selected based on curvature of chin; even if time passes, natural volume of frontal chin and line is preserved

04Use prosthetics with certified stability

In case of surgery with prosthetics implants, we use certified prosthetics with stability to relieve stress on side effects and maintain volume on frontal chin even after the surgery

Before/after of chin implants