What is Quick zygoma reduction?

Quick zygoma reduction of iWELL is a safe and effective surgical technique. Through painless sleep anesthesia, cheekbone of 45 degrees is reduced with simple and rapid surgery. Protruding cheekbone is segmentally osteotomized and pushed it, maximizing the reduction range of zygoma area. Safe and satisfactory Quick Cheekbone- reduction of iWELL

Safe and satisfactory Quick zygoma reduction of iWELL

iWELL quick zygoma reduction can effectively and safely reduce cheekbone as it is steadily fixed using customized titanium plate/wire after reducing the cheekbone through minimal incision(2~3cm) of scalp without oral incision. Also, depending on the status of bone, structure of outline, or choice, non-fixation(naturally fixed) quick zygoma reduction is possible; in this case, nonunion is prevented as synechiae complication is achieved through force of periosteum.

Patent achieved for osteostripper and saw for quick zygoma reduction

Surgical tool(periosteal elevator and saw)for quick zygoma reduction developed through persistent research and independent know-how has received patients with recognized stability and effectiveness.

iWELL quick zygoma which can reduce up to 45 degrees cheekbone

  • With segmental osteotomy at 45 degrees cheekbone, cheek sagging can be minimized.
  • When rotating the side zygoma , it is pushed in as much as possible, increasing the -degree of reduction for 45 degrees cheekbone
  • By rigid fixation(can be non-fixation) of side cheekbone moved inward, optimized results can be achieved.

Quick zygoma reduction points

01Solid fixation

Fixed using high-quality customized titanium plate depending on type of cheekbone or absorbent plate to firmly fix the side cheekbone which is moved inward.

02Minimize cheek sagging

Quick cheekbone reduction does not require dissection of skin and bone; the 45 degrees cheekbone region is segmentally osteotomized, reducing side effects such as cheek sagging.

03Minimal dissection of scalp

Through minimal dissection(2~3cm) of scalp without mouth dissection, we minimized worries of wounds.

04Rapid recovery

Through minimal incision(2~3cm) of scalp without oral incision, we minimized worries of wounds.

Before/after of Quick zygoma reduction