What is Forehead volume augmentation?

If the forehead is flat and even, it may concern with negative and cramp impression. if the forehead is uneven or have developed eyebrows bone, it may concern with tough image. Forehead volume augmentation of IWELL uses customized prosthetics or autologous fat implant to give volume to forehead. Considering the line starting from forehead, nose, to chin, the overall harmony and stereognostic effect is made

What is an ideal forehead?

Forehead volume augmentation surgery method

01Forehead prosthetics implants surgical method

Advantages of forehead prosthetics

  • individually designed prosthetics
  • Use of safe prosthetics with FDA approval
  • Permanent effect as it is unabsorbent
  • Fast recovery with short operation time

02Forehead autologous fat graft surgical method

Advantages of forehead autologous fat graft

  • Safe procedure using autologous fat
  • Low probability of side effects using autologous fat
  • Using thin needles, no worries on wounds
  • Can have other procedures at the same time(noble, chin, frontal cheekbone)
  • Body line revision effect by removing accumulated fat in certain area

Forehead volume augmentation effect

01Small and stereoscopic face

Can have smaller face as well as stereoscopic face with curved forehead.

02Feminine image

Can have ladyish and elegant image with stereoscopic forehead.

03Clear image

Can have clear image.

04Baby face effect

Can have baby face effect in every view through improvements in wrinkles on forehead as well as volumes.

Before/after of forehead volume augmentation