A happy choice for a
beautiful life!

iWELL Plastic Surgery is an alumni hospital of the Seoul
National University College of Medicine and promises
satisfactory surgical results based on its techniques and
experience accumulated over many years.

Patient-oriented customized service

You can receive safer and perfect surgical preparation, surgery and post-operative care systematically through a three-step cooperative treatment system of plastic surgeons, anesthesiologists, and dermatologists

Implementation of surgery real-name system

In order to prevent medical accidents caused by ghost doctors who perform surgery with little experience but are different from the doctor who consults the patients, iWell has implemented a surgery real name system.

Satisfactory surgical results

A proven plastic surgeon with accumulated experience produces satisfactory surgical results by proceeding the whole procedure, from consultation through to surgery, with responsibility.

Unrivaled techniques

Our facial bone contouring surgical tools and surgical tools for good fortune nose surgery which have been developed by ourselves based on our extensive experience of surgery and research have been recognized, patented and applied for patents, and we have filed numerous trademark applications for several surgical procedures.

Safety-oriented medical system

iWELL has an anesthesiologist and a 1: 1 customized anesthesia system with the safety of patient being a top priority. In addition to thoroughly preparing for any medical accidents that may occur during surgery, we also have a safe operative environment being equipped with 'Dantrolene', a medicine for malignant hyperthermia that may occur during general anesthesia.

International Quality Management Certification

We have passed ISO 9001, the international quality management certification system, in all sectors in the field of cosmetic medical services.