Safety System

iWELL Plastic Surgery considers patient safety as its No. 1 priority and
implements an advanced anesthesia system to ensure safety.

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iWELL’s Safety System

Real Name System

At iWELL, the names of the plastic surgeons performing the procedure are recorded to prevent unauthorized substitution and consequential medical incidents.

Full-Time Anesthesiologist

At iWELL, there is a full-time anesthesiologist who safely administers anesthesia and provides individualized care for patients before and after surgery. The anesthesiologist also monitors the patient’s vital signs and other physical conditions during surgery to ensure safety.

Central Monitoring System

iWELL became the first plastic surgery clinic in Korea to set up the central monitoring system of Nihon-Kohden. The system allows the medical staff to check the ECG, oxygen saturation, breathing rate, blood pressure, CO2 levels in the blood, etc. in real time to ensure patient safety during surgery.

Accurate Examination for Anesthesia Safety

A wide variety of tests and exams are administered prior to surgery including testing for diabetes, hypertension, arrythmia and tuberculous as well as ECG, chest X-ray, blood test and virus test. The results are then used to decide whether to proceed with surgery.

Latest Monitoring Equipment

iWELL is equipped with the latest monitoring equipment for accurate monitoring of the pulse, blood pressure, body temperature, CO2 levels and oxygen saturation of the patient under anesthesia during surgery.

Continuous Sedative Administering Equipment and Oxygen and Nitrogen Gas Supply Equipment

The continuous sedative administering equipment helps ensure anesthesia safety and proper breathing during surgery. There is oxygen and nitrogen gas supply equipment in the recovery room and patient room to ensure safety and comfort during recovery from anesthesia.

Plasma Disinfection and Sterilization System

iWELL has introduced a plasma disinfection and sterilization system that is comparable to that of university hospitals to sanitize all medical devices and consumables used in surgery. The vast majority of plastic surgery clinics apply the EOGas sterilization method, whereas iWELL employs its plasma disinfection and sterilization system to implement strict infection control according to protocol.

Bair Hugger Body Warmer

This equipment system helps keep the patient’s body temperature within the normal range during surgery so as to prevent hypothermia and this greatly reduces the time needed to recover after surgery.

Sterilized Warmer and Humidifier Filter

The moisture and heat released by the patient as he/she breathes out the anesthetic gas for general anesthesia are blocked so as to maintain moisture in the airway and the body temperature within the normal range. The filter also prevents bacteria and viruses from entering the airway in order to inhibit inflammation in the surgical site and pneumonia.

악성고열증 치료제 단트롤렌 보유

아이웰성형외과 내에서는 전신마취 수술 중 드물게 발생할 수 있는 악성고열증에 즉각적인 조치가 가능할 수 있도록 ‘단트롤렌’ 약품을 항상 보유하고 있습니다.

안전한 회복을 위한 브리디온 보유

브리디온은 대학병원에서 수술 후 호흡이 어려울 수 있는 고위험군 및 원하는 환자에게 비보험만으로만 처방되는 약품입니다. 수술 후 부작용 없이 마취 상태에서 안전하고 신속한 회복이 가능합니다.

윤상 갑상 절개술 장비 보유

윤상갑상절개술 장비는 수술 중 응급 상황이 발생한 경우 기도를 확보할 수 있는 필수 장비입니다. 이를 통해 응급 상황에 빠르게 대처할 수 있습니다.

전문응급장비 및 심장제세동기(AED) 보유

응급상황에 대비할 수 있는 전문응급장치 및 심장제세동기(AED)를 보유하고 있으며, 정기적으로 직원들에게 장비 사용 교육 및 안전 교육을 실시하고 있습니다.

무정전 전원장치(UPS) 시스템 구축

어떠한 응급상황에서도 환자의 안전을 최우선합니다.
천재지변과 같은 상황에서 정전이 발생하더라도 수술 장비가 멈추지 않도록 전기를 공급하는 무정전 전원공급장치(UPS) 시스템을 갖추고 있어 환자의 안전을 지킵니다.