Protruding mouth

Protruding mouth refers to the case that the mouth is protruded compared to the tip of the nose or chin when the face is viewed from the side. Regarding Protruding mouth, there are many cases like the followings: when the teeth are protruded forward even though upper and lower jaw bones are normal, and when the gingival bone itself is protruded even though the teeth are arranged well, and when the gums and teeth are protruded together, etc. In most cases, it gives rough impression as the lips are protruded thickly together, by the way, it is mostly found in the Asian race such as Koreans and Chinese, etc. Anterior Segmental Osteotomy is a surgery conducted a lot domestically, which makes dramatic effect compared to the short operation time.

Self-diagnosis for Protruding mouth

  • When I lay the ruler to the tip of the nose and chin, the upper and lower lips touch the ruler a lot.
  • Upper and lower front teeth are protruded and the lips look thicker.
  • When I am spreading my mouth or clench my mouth, wrinkles appear in the tip of chin as my lips become to be tightened.
  • When I take a photo, the lip part somehow bulges out unnaturally.
  • I often hear peoples say that I am blunt and having angry impression.
  • When I smile, my gums are exposed.
  • I have a feeling that my lower jaw is small like a short chin.
  • When I relax my mouth, my mouse becomes to be opened.
  • My pronunciation is leaking, so the pronunciation for ‘B’, ‘M’, etc. is awkward

Anterior Segmental Osteotomy recommended for

  • If the philtrum is so long or looks protruded
  • If the position of the tip of chin is not correct
  • If gums are seen a lot when smiling
  • If the states of gums are too severe to correct
  • If the degree of the protrusion is 4mm or more
  • If you want change within short period of time

Protruding mouth!
Does it need correction, or operation?

Orthodontia Protruding mouth surgery
Object of application When only teeth are protruded (Buck teeth) When teeth, gums and jaw bone are protruded
Treatment period Correction for 2~3 years required About 2 weeks’ recovery period after operation is required
Effect Minor effect if bones are the reasons Prompt effect after operation
Burden of operation None Yes
Difference If pulling in teeth only without gingival-bone surgery, the face may seem like nutcracker face as the front teeth becomes to be slanted to the tongue side As it is the operation for the gingival bone itself, the bones can be put in together without tilting of the teeth.
Expected effect The effect that protruded teeth gets in. (no effect on the protrusion around the gums and lips) The effect that the protruded mouth gets in entirely, as it moves the gingival bone.

The method of Anterior Segmental Osteotomy by type of the protruding mouth

01Mild protruding mouth

It is the case the degree of the protruding mouth is 4mm or below when viewed from the side, and if the protrusion is caused simply by the teeth, it can be corrected by only orthodontia treatment.

02severe protruding mouth

When the degree of the protruding mouth is 4mm or over when viewed from the side, it corresponds to the severe protruding mouth. In particular, in the case the gingival bone itself is extruded, it can be corrected by ASO(Anterior Segmental Osteotomy). In general, it extracts four premolar teeth in the upper/lower/left/right sides and pulls in the front gingival bone to fix.

03Complex protruding mouth

It refers to the case that accompanies the symptoms such as long face, asymmetry, shot chin, etc. and it requires more delicate and complex operation. Sometimes it is necessary to undergo two jaw surgery, or conduct protruding mouth surgery and two jaw surgery simultaneously.

Precise diagnosis for protruding mouth surgery

iWELL Plastic Surgery Clinic conducts precise 3D-CT and takes X-Ray first in order to diagnose the protruding mouth more exactly. Through precise diagnosis, it is possible to know precisely not only the shape of face bones but also the skin thickness, up to the position of the nerve, so the accurate diagnosis and safe operation are possible. Precise measurement and analysis for the facial bones are conducted after the precise scan, and it is called Cephalometry (cranium facial measurement).
Only with the reason of being the bimaxillary protrusion, it is not recommended to diagnose only the mouth area. Instead, iWELL judges how serious the protruding mouth is, and whether the accompanying operation for the nose or tip of the chin is required by synthetically analyzing the forehead, nose, the tip of the chin, teeth, etc. In addition, as iWELL Plastic Surgery Clinic predicts the shape after anterior segmental osteotomy in advance using the 3D scanner, the degree of satisfaction is high.