Two Jaw Surgery

The exact academic term of Two Jaw Surgery is Orthognathic Surgery. In other words, it is a surgery which adjusts the occlusion of the teeth and makes more natural and beautiful shape of the face when the position or function of the maxilla (upper jaw) and the mandible (lower jaw) is not normal. Unlike facial contour surgery which removes a part of bone, it corrects the problem of jawbone, facial asymmetry, bimaxillary protrusion, long face, etc. by moving the position of jaw bone by osteotomy for the upper and lower jaw, therefore, it not only improves the functional elements of chewing and talking, but also makes it possible to improve the appearance complex at the same time by creating a natural and beautiful face type.

iWELL Two Jaw Surgery has difference

Two Jaw Surgery which is different even from the starting point

We do not set up surgical plan only for the correction of the occlusion, but make a plan by predicting the surgical result after detailed examining the contoured structure with precise 3D CT scans before surgery, therefore, more accurate and satisfactory result is completed.

Two Jaw Surgery which emphasizes naturalness

We do not stick to uniform facial ratio, but we complete the optimal ratio by highlighting the facial individuality with the standard of two jaw surgery optimized for the oriental races, therefore, we create natural and beautiful young-looking image after surgery.

Two Jaw Surgery, Could it be solved by just cutting off bones, indeed?

In case of Two Jaw Surgery, it is important to exactly predict the shape after surgery by cutting bones without contacting nerves. iWELL Plastic Surgery Clinic conducts the customized surgery considering the status of the individual patients, by analyzing the position of invisible nerves and blood vessels, status of the muscle and fat, as well as facial bone, with 4D Precise diagnosis system, and by measuring the facial bone structure and up to its movement. It is important to conduct a surgery safely and precisely as the function and sense affected only with the difference of 1~2mm.
In addition, Two Jaw Surgery should not overlook any of these four factors - esthetics, functionality, stability, and accuracy, and should not be slanted to one factor. What should be prioritized over all new surgical representations is to improve function while not damage to the essential function, and it is important to maintain a stable jaw and facial shape after surgery.

Two Jaw Surgery by facial type

01Mandibular prognathism with malocclusion

In case of the mandibular prognathism having protruded lower-jaw and teeth together, it is called class-2 malocclusion. In severe cases, as there is difficulty in eating, the orthodontic treatment is often conducted in advance in the dental clinic. However, even after completing the orthodontic treatment, the tip of the chin that has grown excessively may look blunt and prominent. In some cases, double jaw may occur, so we should perform two jaw surgery and contouring surgery (surgery for tip of the chin) together to resolve them completely.

02Long face compared to the face width

If a face is long and gums are seen for 3mm or over when smiling, it is corrected through two jaw surgery. By the way, in the case the face is long, but the exposure of gums are less while the philtrum is long, or in the case the length of the lower jaw is excessively developed, a balanced face type is completed by conducting a long-curved square jaw reduction surgery and anterior-jaw surgery together.

03Asymmetric face

If the center line of the whole face is skewed, cut the upper and lower jaws, and resect and move the bones to correct the asymmetry. If only the center line of the lower jaw is skewed, correct it by conducting a surgery to arrange the contour by moving the tip of chin forward/backward/left/right. There are many cases that facial asymmetry is accompanied by mandibular prognathism, bimaxillary protrusion, short chin, etc. Facial asymmetric surgery relieves speech problems, pain, inconvenience of food ingestion, burden on neck and shoulders and also improves functional problems by correcting the center line of the face.

04Bimaxillary protrusion with short chin

Bimaxillary protrusion refers to the case that the upper and lower jaw bones are normal, but the teeth and gingival bones are protruded, and the surgical method varies depending on the protruded status of the teeth and gingival bones. Compared with the Westerner, the Asian are more likely to have bimaxillay protrusion, and if ‘adenoid hypertrophy’ is left untouched during the growing season, the front teeth sometimes becomes to protrude during the growing process and causes a change of face type. If the gingival bone itself is protruded forward, or if more than 4 mm of lips should get in, it can be improved to a balanced face type by anterior segmental osteotomy.

05Short chin

If your lower jaw is small, short, or falls backward, your mouth looks to be protruded and your mouth becomes to spread even though you close the mouth – in this case, short-chin surgery is needed. If lower jaw is excessively short, we fix the lower jaw by cutting the lower jaw and moving it forwar, and in case of the long face, we adjust the overall balance by the surgery which correct the upper-jaw bone and lower-jaw bone. In case of having the bimaxillary protrusion and short chin together, more natural effect can be obtained through three-jaw surgery.

Two Jaw Surgery system

01Advanced medical system

We conduct customized Two Jaw Surgery fitted to each individuals with safer and accurate surgery by maximizing the area of CT scanning through the low-radiation 3D-CT kept by iWELL Plastic Surgery Clinic, comprehending more accurate contour structure with high resolution, and predicting the result of surgery as the close feature with 3D scanner imaginary plastic surgery equipment.

02Safe Anesthesia system

iWELL, considers patient’s safety as a top priority. We have an anesthesiologist specialized in plastic surgery residing in the hospital 365 days a year, and conducts ‘Real name system in surgery’ to prevent any medical accident which can be occurred due to the ghost doctor, i.e., the case when the actual surgery-performing doctor and the consulting doctor is different, etc. In addition, we are prepared for any medical accident that may occur during surgery, and emergency preparedness system is provided to safely perform the operation.

03Emergency system

iWELL’s two jaw surgery is performed under the safe operational environment system not only for anesthesia but also for preparedness of emergency, etc. In order to prepare for the very special situations that may occur during the operation, we conduct the safe operation with the same-class equipment compared to the university hospitals.