Lip corner surgery

Drooping lip corner often gives a bad effect on the image as it gives depressed and angry impression. ‘Lip corner surgery’ is a surgery which makes lip corner as if smiling by lifting the both ends of the lip corners naturally, and it transforms to the brighter and softer impression.

Attractive lip-corner line

‘Shape of mouth’ is in charge of dynamic movement in the face. It plays an important role in enhancing favorable impression. The attractive shape of lips look like a Cupid bow as a whole, and it is a lip as if smiling as the both ends of the lip corners are lifted naturally.

The lip corner surgery recommended for

  • If you have depressed impression with drooping lip corner
  • If you became to have to drop lip corner accompanied by skin sagging while getting older
  • If you hear “You look angry” frequently from others due to the dropping lip corner
  • If you have complex in the first impression prior to job interview
  • If lip corner sagging has occurred after the bimaxillary operation

NO! Scar, Awkward smile NO!

Scar on the lip corner and awkward lip line are biggest problems for those who want to get lip corner surgery. If a surgeon raises the lip corner unconditionally, there may happen the situation that just lip looks to be smiling even when a person is impassive. The existing lip-corner surgery still has the disadvantage of remaining scarring, however, lip-corner surgery of iWELL can create a lip-corner line without worry of scarring as we do not conduct the lip-corner cosmetic surgery which makes the lip line to be raised simply, but we conduct surgery delicately considering the harmony of the expression of the entire face, the structure aspect of the face, the distributed amount of the fat on the face, etc., and with the special suturing method.

Method of lip-corner surgery

Naturally raised lip corner

01If necessary, improve the sense of weight of the lip corner in order for the lip corner to be raised naturally, by removing the fat and muscle which are pressing the both lip corners down.

02Weaken the depressor muscle, which is the main reason of drooping lip corner and which has a strong pulling force.

03In order for the facial expression and the shape of the lip corner to be connected smoothly, strengthens the upper levator muscle by comprehending the bone structure and muscle tissue of the facial area.

Why, should it be lip-corner surgery of iWELL?

01Attractive lip line

Complete the most natural and attractive lip line by considering the individual face type and shape of the mouth

02Natural smile

Create impression that a person is smiling slightly even when you are still, as the lip corner became to be raised naturally.

03Favorable image

By raising the dropping lip corner naturally, it transforms to the favorable image having bright and soft impression.

04Young-looking effect

It creates vital young-looking face by lifting the drooping lip corner which looks old.

Before and After of Lip corner surgery