The thing which cannot be omitted from the criteria judging a beautiful woman is ‘Lip’!

As there is a word “Lip like a cherry”, the beautiful lip is the essential requirement for a beautiful woman. In order to highlight lip, it is possible to make an effect which makes the lip look beautiful with the fitted color according to the skin color by lipstick make-up, however, it is difficult to change the shape of the lip itself. Cheiloplasty is the surgery to change the lips by the type such as thick lips, thin lips, dropping lips to the stylish and beautiful lips by considering the entire harmony in the face such as the skin type, the thickness and interval of the lips, etc.ering the entire harmony in the face such as the skin type, the thickness and interval of the lips, etc.

Lips! The image changes according to the thickness?

There is a report that eyes and lips are the places where eyes first stay when somebody looks at the face of the counter part or speaks to. This means that eyes and lips are the important parts in determining the image and facial expression. Because the image of a person looks different depending on the thickness and shape of the lip, it is possible to improve to the image that gives a good impression through cheiloplasty.

Cheiloplasty recommended for

  • If your lips are thick or thin
  • If your gums are seen as the lips are curling up or lifted
  • If you are worried about unclear lip line
  • If you want to have lips with volume
  • If the difference in the lip ratio is big
  • If you want to have distinct lip line

The shape of the ideal lips

Even if the lips are changed by 1mm, the overall impression of the face becomes to be changed. As much, the sharing portion of the lips in our facial impression is so big. The thickness of the proper lip varies depending on the size of the whole face or and the size of the mouth, by the way, on average, when the thickness ratio of the upper lip to the lower lip is about 2: 3 and when the contour is surely forming a bow-like shape as a whole, it is the most ideal. Regarding the length of the lip, the length vertically descending from the exact center of the pupils, that is the black spot of the pupils, is appropriate.

The surgical method of Cheiloplasty

01Lip Augmentation

Too thin lips can also halve the charm of the face. Lip augmentation is a surgery to enlarge small lips and give a thin lip a sense of volume to make a lovely shape of the mouth. Lip Augmentation surgery which increases the size and volume of the lips is done by 'mucous membrane advancement method' which enlarges the lips by incising the mucous membrane inside the lips and by making the volume lips by excision of the boundary line between lips and skin. Otherwise, it is conducted by using Allo derm grafting, Filler or autologous fat grafting, etc

02Lip Reduction

Too thick lips seem heavy and give a burdensome image sometimes. It is a surgery that does not have the inconvenience of removing the seam and the worry about the scarring by inserting the incision into the oral mucosa of the lips, resection by the predetermined amount, and then using the melting thread to suture the surgical part.

The point of the Cheiloplasty of iWELL

Why, Should it be cheiloplasty of iWELL?

01Volume is alive whereas the appearance is improved

It creates the vital and bright impression by highlighting volume of the lips and improving the shape.

02Considers harmony in the whole face

Not only the shape and thickness of the lips, but also the whole harmony of the face is taken into consideration to complete the attractive shape of the mouth.

03Appearance improvement effect

You can get the effect of improving your appearance by completing beautiful shape of the mouth together with the brighter impression through cheiloplasty

04Completion of the natural lips

With the minimal micro incision, it leaves less scarring and the scars heals up fast to make natural lips.

Before and after of Cheiloplasty.