Philtrum reduction

Philtrum is the concave part between the nose and the upper lip, and as it is located in the center of the entire face, it has a significant impact on impression. In the case of Asians, as there are many cases that the upper part of the philtrum is sunken and slanted, the mouth looks protruded. If you have long philtrum, philtrum reduction surgery will make you small and young-looking by shortening the length of the philtrum and highlighting the volume of the thinned upper lip.

Philtrum reduction recommended for

  • If your face looks long due to having long philtrum inherently
  • If your philtrum is sagging together with lips due to the aging phenomenon
  • If your philtrum length became to lengthened after orthodontia
  • If your philtrum looks long after the bimaxillary operation

Philtrum Reduction, NO worry of Scar!

The biggest problem of philtrum reduction is the scar. However, iWELL conducts the philtrum reduction surgery which remains unnoticeable scar by minimizing incised part with the precise diagnosis and delicate suturing technique by plastic surgeon. In addition, by operating thorough 1: 1 customized scarring care program, we help you relieve scar trouble.

Method of philtrum reduction surgery

If you have long philtrum, no matter how brightly you smile, you look older or toothless, or unbalanced face. As the length of the philtrum significantly affects the harmony of the whole face as much, we create the philtrum length considering the individual facial ratio, fitting to the most deal ratio.

Incision of the lower
part of the nose
Lip incision

Reduce philtrum by excise the part below the nose in the shape of horn of cow

Reduce philtrum by excise the part below the nose in the shape of horn of cow
Scar Minimizes the scar by the minimal incision below the nose Scar line is generated along the upper lips
Effect The length of the philtrum can be reduced more than the lip-line incision

Natural improvement effect without change of the lip line

Volume effect of the upper lips along with the natural philtrum reduction
Volume effect of the upper lips along with the natural philtrum reduction

Correction of the unclear lip line or asymmetry

Relieve the protrusion of the lip line
Indication When the length of the philtrum is longer than 2cm If someone has worry about long philtrum and lips.

Golden ratio between philtrum and jaw 1:2

The philtrum is located in the center of face. It is the part which significantly affects the image, and it is considered to be the ideal ratio when the ratio between philtrum and lower jaw becomes 1:2. No matter how beautiful the entire figures are, if the length of the philtrum is too short or too long, the entire impression becomes to be awkward. In case your philtrum is long or sagging, if you adjust the philtrum length by philtrum reduction surgery, you can have the most ideal ratio of the face and it will highlight your entire figures naturally.

Why, Should it be Philtrum reduction of iWELL?

01Reduced face, Young-looking effect!

If the philtrum became to be lengthened after bimaxillary operation or orthodontia, the philtrum surgery can make /eyes/mouth/nose fit well in the face and you look smaller and young.

02Correction of gummy smile of the protruded mouth

There is a case that the mouth looks protruded due to the long philtrum. You can expect the correction effect for the protruded mouth, exposure of the gum, etc. through philtrum reduction.

03Minimization of the incision scar

The operation is carried out with the skill of grasping the skin condition around the philtrum, adjusting the length of the philtrum fitted to the balance of the face, and hiding the incision scar inside of the nose.

04Lip line can be improved!

While conducting the philtrum reduction with the know-how to reduce the scarring remarkably, the unclear lip line is improved vividly, too.

Before and after of Philtrum reduction