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One of the Key Standards for Judging Beauty Is

the Lips!

If you want to be beautiful, you need to have beautiful lips. You could, of course, use lipsticks in the right color for your skin tone to make your lips appear more beautiful, but you cannot change the shape of your lips this way. Lip surgery is a way to gain lovely and gorgeous lips, regardless of whether you have thick lips, thin lips or droopy lips, by taking into consideration your skin type, the thickness of your lips, and overall harmony with your other facial features.


Duration of Surgery

1 hour


Sedation/Local Anesthesia



Recovery Period

7 days

Suture Removal

After 7 days or Unnecessary

Ideal Lip Shape

When it comes to the lips, a 1mm difference can change your overall appearance.
This is because the lips are an important factor in the image we project. The ideal thickness of the lips depends on the
size of your face and other factors, but typically speaking, the ratio of the thickness of the upper lip and the bottom lip should be around 2:3 and
a distinct cupid’s bow on top of the upper lip is most ideal. As for the ideal length of the lips,
the outer corners of the mouth should be located straight down from the center of the pupil.

Ideal Length

Outer corners of the mouth should
be located straight down from the center of the pupil

Ideal Ratio

Ratio of the thickness of the upper lip and the bottom lip: 2:3
Upper lip: 6~8mm, Bottom lip: 10~12mm

The Thickness of the Lips Can Determine Your Image

When we take a look at the face of someone else, we first look at their eyes and lips, according to research.
This means that the eyes and lips play an important role when it comes to leaving a good first impression.
The thickness and shape of the lips matter when it comes to the image we project,
and plastic surgery for the lips can help make you appear more attractive.

Thick Lips
A person with thick lips tends to appear sexy, vibrant and active, but if the lips are too thick in relation to the other facial features, one can look a bit unrefined.

Thin Lips
A person with thin lips tends to appear smart yet aloof and older than their actual age. Back in the day, small and thin lips were considered ideal, but nowadays, thick and sexy-looking lips are deemed more desirable.

Methods of Lip Surgery

01 Lip Augmentation
Thin lips can unfortunately make you look less attractive. Lip augmentation is a way to volumize thin lips and make them appear more gorgeous. The procedure increases the size and volume of the lips by advancing the mucous membrane forward to augment the lips through the incision in the mucous membrane inside the mouth or by volumizing the lips by resecting the boundary between the lips and the skin. Also, AlloDerm grafting, filler injection, or autologous fat transfer, etc. may be performed.
02 Lip Reduction
Lips that are too thick can overwhelm the other facial features. In this case, an incision is made in the mucous membrane of the oral cavity for a resection in the predetermined amount and a dissolvable thread is used to suture the incision closed. So there is no need to remove any stitches afterwards or to worry about scarring.

Customized Surgery

We can redesign your lips into a shape that best suits you, based on our surgical know-how and research.

Natural Appearance

We take into consideration the functional aspect to ensure satisfying results.

No Concerns of Scarring

We suture the surgical site meticulously so that you can expect natural-looking results without any concerns of visible scarring.


Why Choose iWELL’s Lip Surgery?

Enhanced Volume & More Beautiful Shape
We volumize the lips, while improving the shape of the lips to make you appear more vibrant and beautiful.
Harmonious Balance with the Rest of the Face
Instead of just focusing on the shape and thickness of the lips, we take into consideration the overall harmony with the rest of the face.
Enhanced Beauty
With your new set of gorgeous lips, you will look more radiant and attractive.
Natural-Looking Lips
We make a minimal incision so that it heals fast and leaves behind minimal scarring behind the lovely and natural-looking lips.

Lip Surgery Is Recommended For/To

case 01Lips that are too thin or thick

case 02Lips that curl up or inward and reveal the gums

case 03Lips without well-defined contours

case 04Those who want more volume in their lips

case 05A severe difference in the thickness between the upper and lower lips

case 06Those who want their lips to have more well-defined contours

iWELL’s Lip Surgery: Before & After Photos

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