Eyelidplasty for Men

Unlike women, in case of eyelidplasty for men, it is preferred that lines are rarely visible when opening eyes, or the width of the line should be low with the shape of natural inner double eyelid whose tip part is shown slightly. If operation is conducted by setting the line of double eyelid high, there may be some patients who feel sense of rejection as the eyes can be changed some greasy and burdensome. By comprehending the characteristics of the men well, iWELL Eyelidplasty completes the attractive shape of eye by creating unnoticeable natural shape of inner double eyelid.

Why, Should it be iWELL’s Eyelidplasty for Men?

01It creates natural shape of eye by performing the essential surgery minimally.

02Scar is rarely visible.

03If you have ptosis, you can get clear and vivid eye correction effect.

04It is fast to return to daily life as there rarely remains swelling.

05With naturally adhesive double eyelidplasty, removal of eyelid fat is possible at the same time.

06It is not disengaged well even if time goes by.

iWELL’s Eyelidplasty of Men recommended for

  • If you want natural double eyelids which are not conspicuous
  • If your eyes look sleepy or feel bored
  • If your face look flat or expressionless
  • If you want eyelids with little scar and swelling
  • If both eyelids are mismatched
  • If you had got your eyes done, but it was not effective
  • If you have worry with the small eyes

Characteristics of Eyelidplasty for Men

Since men’s eyelids are relatively thicker than the women’s eyelids, the surgery should be carried out in consideration of skin thickness, fat and muscle, and the force of opening eyelid. Also, since it is rare to do eyelid make-up like a woman, it is essential to make a natural shape of eye with unnoticeable scar.

Method of Eyelidplasty for Men

iWELL’s Eyelidplasty for Men determines the most appropriate method of Eyelidplasty by comprehensively considering the thickness of the eyelid skin, the position of the eyeball, the force of the muscle which opens the eyes, the existence of Mongolian fold, the distance between the eyes and the angle of eye tail.

  • Double eyelids by natural adhesion method
    Natural adhesion method is a method of surgery which compromised the non-incision method, which has the advantages of little trace of surgery and quick recovery, and incision method which has the advantage of little disengagement.
  • Correction of shape of the eye by Natural Adhesion
    Correction of shape of the eye by Natural Adhesion is a surgical method which changes the sleepy eyes to clean eyes by pulling the muscle which opens the eyes, when the eyes looks sleepy as the eyelid hides the black pupil a lot or when the eyes look small as opening eyes is felt difficult.
  • Canthoplasty
    Eye-expansion method is a surgical method which makes shape of the eye cool and clear by Epicanthoplasty or Lateral canthoplasty in the case when Mongolian fold is severe or when eye tails went up or down.
  • Lower eyelid fat relocation
    This surgery makes bright impression by relocating the protruded fat to the sunken region under the eyes in the case when the fact under the eyelid is extruded and the region under the eye is sunken.

Key points of the Eyelidplasty for Men

Do you think you look buttery when you have the double eyelid surgery?NO!

Although there are individual differences, thick double eyelid lines of more than 2 mm may be seen buttery. The eyelid thickness of the male eye of about 1-1.5 mm in the form of a double eyelid is reasonable.

Do Men’s eyes look honest only when eye tails fall behind?NO!

In case of eye tails, the eyes which lie about 5 degrees higher than the line horizontally connected from the medial canthus can make a stylish image.

Eyelidplasty for Men whose angle is important!

The face of a man becomes to have an ideal golden ratio when the followings are connected in a straight line - the ends of the eyebrows, the lateral canthus of the eyes, and the alar of the nose.

before/after Eyelidplasty for Men