Facial contouring for men

Unlike facial contouring surgery for women which emphasizes small and slender V line, it is important to get a facial contouring surgery for men in order for the unique charm of men to be exposed well. As men prefer the natural line which does not look so agile when compared to women, it has characteristics to improve to the soft and sharp image while emphasizing muscular beauty by designing aiming at completing the most harmonized face line after analyzing developed facial contour precisely through 3D CT.

Plastic surgery only for men, is it necessary?

The term "Men’s surgery" refers to all eyes and nose surgery in most cases, but nowadays, facial contour surgery also takes up a great deal of weight. Plastic surgery is no longer just for women. No matter how talented you are, if you do not feel good about your first impression, you are not likely to succeed in business or in a relationship with opposite sex. Because men are thicker than women in bone thickness and have a difference in skin, blood vessels, and soft tissues, it is important to plan a surgical plan for men so that they have a sharp and natural facial contour.

Ideal contour ratio of men

Upper facial area : Middle facial area : lower facial area
1 : 1 : 0.8

Breadth : Length
1 : 1.618

Distance between cheek bones : Distance between mandibular angle
1 : 0.8

Distance between philtrum and upper lip : Distance between lower lip and tip of the chin
1 : 2

The case when facial contouring surgery of
iWELL is needed

  • If you make tough impression with thick and rough face line
  • If there is functional problem such as malocclusion, mandibular prognathism, asymmetry, etc.
  • If you want a naturally sharp face line which is not conspicuous
  • If you have trouble with asymmetric face line

Facial contouring surgery customized for men, making masculine attraction

Method of operation of
facial contouring surgery for men

Even though a person has well-defined features, it is hard to make a good impression if the face shape looks rough or tough. In this regards, in order to highlight the manful attraction felt from the contour of men unlike the contour of women, it completes sharp face line in which masculine beauty can be felt by making clear angle in some degree not by only making mandibular angle slender.

  • Cheekbone Reduction
    The cheekbones are important factor in determining the outline of the face along with the mandible. If your cheekbones are excessively protruded, you may give somewhat country-like image. By reducing the cheekbones by changing the surgical method depending on the facial frame of men and the degree of protruded cheekbones by individual, it can create more stereoscopic and stylish masculine beauty.
  • Square jaw reduction
    The developed square jaw needs an operation for a man who looks tough and strong. Square-jaw reduction is a surgery to make the face look smaller by trimming the shape of mandible and make the jaw line soft. Square jaw reduction surgery of iWELL removes cortical osteotomy, jaw muscles, up to facial fat, as well as facial bone, by the way, in case of men, there are many cases that the muscles are developed than women, so satisfactory result can be gained by adjusting the quantity of the muscles, too.
  • Chin Surgery
    Even though you do not have a square jaw or protruded cheekbones, if the chin is blunt, your face may look wide and flat. Especially in case of men, as the thickness of the bones is thicker than women, dull image can be given as the chin looks wide. If you have complexes on the shape of the chin such as short chin, long chin, very short chin, mandibular prognathism, etc., you can have a sharp face line through the chin surgery of of iWELL.

Key points of facial contouring surgery
for men of iWELL

The facial contouring surgery for men is a delicate operation that shows a big image change even with small difference, so natural result can be gained when highlighting feeling of straight line while making the cheekbones slim and making the jaw not so sharp. In this case, it is important to complete the most ideal facial line without losing masculine beauty by highlighting the point between U line and V line in order not to be too feminine or not to get facial line crude

  • Masculine line which became slender with balance
  • Three-dimensional face shape created by delicate contouring
  • Reduced face and sophisticated image
  • Changed to young-looking favorable impression
  • Soft line while highlighting masculine feeling

Facial contouring surgery for men of iWELL,
nice as the following reasons!

01Systematic analysis

We set up surgery plan for the optimized proportion for each individual through the state-of-the-are 3D CT, 3D scanner, and precise analysis by skilled plastic surgeron.

02iWELL’s unique surgical technique

For better result and safety with higher level, iWELL Plastic Surgery Clinic has acquired a patent by developing surgery tools for facial contouring.

03Ghost Doctor NO! Real name system in surgery

The whole procedure of surgery is performed by the doctor responsible for facial contouring. We promise transparent surgical procedure in order to undergo surgery with relief by performing real name system in surgery.

04Satisfactory surgical result

We prevent skin sagging with minimal dissection and we proceed with facial contouring surgery with firmly adhesive double fixation. It is the facial contouring surgery of iWELL to highlight the beautiful parts more by removing unnecessary parts.

before/after facial contouring for Men